Ebbe Langberg

      • 55
      • 1933-08-01 in Copenhagen, Denmark
      • 1989-02-03

      Ebbe Langberg was the son of actor Sigurd Langenberg and actress Karna Løwenstein-Jensen and brother to actor Jesper Langberg. Ebbe Langberg began as a child actor at Solby-Scenen and arrived soon after with the radio's children hours and made his film debut as Ditte's little brother in "Ditte Human Child" from 1946. In addition, he starred as a child also in the movie "The damn kids." As more of the "kids", he worked in radio Junior scene and played starring roles until the 1949th That same year he was "William Tell" s son to school scene at the New Theatre. Ebbe Langberg was a theater training in London, 1950-1951, read the page with Sam Besekow and then reviewed Odense Theatre Drama school for two years 1951-53 after being dumped twice for the audition at the Royal. Theatre. He debuted 20 / 2 1953 as Owen in "Real People". After his education in Odense he went to Copenhagen along with five comrades, leased the Great Hall and built "Sex in the cottage." After a year at Aalborg Theatre he received in 1955 as a breakthrough revue actress in Circus Ib. Then he was assigned various theaters, including ABC Theatre, Great Hall and the Apollo Theatre. He starred in some 40 films in the 1950s and 1960s, where he was the girls adored cinema hero and played roles as the bold, true first love, getting love in the end usually with Ghita Nørby as partner. His popular breakthrough, he was in the movie "Flint Sons" and later as lieutenant-Ras in "Soldier" films. In February 1964 had Ebbe Langberg and Birgitte Reimer save themselves down with the rise since the outbreak of fire in Novaris Films farm in Risby, which the company's studio. He starred in only one film in the 1970s, the "shooter" in which he played Sergeant Hoegh and his last role was as Per Simonsen in the American film "The Girl in the swing" from 1989. He studied concurrently as director and in 1963 he made his debut with the film "Peter's shore leave" and from 1966 he was also a stage director. He directed a total of 7 feature films and was co-director of the TV series "Can" They like oysters "1967 and directed in 1970 the first seven episodes of" The Al Franken Show. " From 20 January 1968 until October 1973 he was Director of Aalborg Theatre and then a single season director of the Danish Theatre 1973-74. After some years as a theatrical publisher in New York in 1980 he became head of Strøghusteatret and opened in 1982 the new Rialto Theatre, which he led until his death.