Seicho Matsumoto

      • 82
      • 1909-12-21 in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
      • 1992-08-04

      Seichō Matsumoto (松本 清張 Matsumoto Seichō, December 21, 1909 – August 4, 1992) was a Japanese writer. Seichō's works created a new tradition of Japanese crime fiction. Dispensing with formulaic plot devices such as puzzles, Seichō incorporated elements of human psychology and ordinary life. In particular, his works often reflect a wider social context and postwar nihilism that expanded the scope and further darkened the atmosphere of the genre. His exposé of corruption among police officials as well as criminals was a new addition to the field. The subject of investigation was not just the crime but also the society in which the crime was committed. From Wikipedia.