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    Art Through Time: A Global View

    • 25 mins
    • Documentary

    From pre-literate cultures to modern society, art has communicated beliefs and expressed ideas about the human experience and the world. As cultural "documents," art offers valuable clues about the past: how others lived, who they were, what they valued and what they believed. ART THROUGH TIME: A GLOBAL VIEW takes a global and thematic approach to art history and appreciation. The series includes both Western and non-Western art to illuminate the breadth, complexity and beauty of art produced around the world and at different periods of time. Thirteen half-hour episodes reveal the universality of the human impulse to create art, as well as the persistence of basic themes. Using the New York museum world as a base, the series provides an overview of works of art from different cultures and eras. Interviews connect the work of living artists to their predecessors. This material is interwoven with images of artwork and compelling commentary provided by a diverse group of experts.

    1 season

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