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Bull: Season 3

3x12 Split Hairs

Gr8 Series! PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL! UNFORTUNATELY I Heard Thru The Tv Vine Bull's Being Cancelled!? ANYBODY KNOW IF TRUE? OR FALSE? Ill have to weigh out the percentages of Yes & No's Form All U Tv Vines.... HONESTY I Do Have Such A Tough Time Believing That The Stuff & Things Bull's doin & experiences & how much pull he has as well as the unbelievable skills to read people to lure out the TRUTH! Excellent! Also WTF Would He Ever Stop Doin What Bull AKA~Dr. Phil does in this show!? Getting Lots Of Innocent People The Chance To Have A Fair Trial With A Hella Gr8 Attorney Team Buuuut.... I'm quite sure he's been played as well & got some Guilty People Off As Well But Ya Win Some & U Win Some More That U Probably Shouldn't Have But It Comes With The Career I'm Quite Sure. Anyways.... WTF!? Dr. Phil's Bull?Bull's Dr. Phil? 4real? True Story? It Blows my mind To watch the DayTime's Dr. Phill & Then Bull Series I'm Like noooooooooo Damn Way!? What's ur opinions & theories? I'd love to hear'em!

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I have a feeling this show will be canceled.

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