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Cross Game 2009

  • 2010-03-27T18:00:00-07:00
  • TV Tokyo
  • 2009-04-04T18:00:00-07:00
  • 24 mins
  • 20 hours, 0 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Animation, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Kō Kitamura, son of the owner of Kitamura Sports, lives in the same neighborhood as the batting center run by the Tsukishima family. Due to their proximity and the relationship between their businesses, the Kitamura and Tsukishima families have been close for many years, with their children going back and forth between the two homes like extended family. Because Kō and Wakaba are the same age and always together, Aoba is jealous of all the time Kō spends with her older sister. Aoba is a natural pitcher with excellent form, and Kō secretly trains to become as good as she is, even while publicly showing little interest in baseball. Then Wakaba dies in a swimming accident at a summer camp during fifth grade.

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If you like anime, this has to be on your must watch list.
One of the few anime I have re-watched from episode 1 until the end without feeling the need to skip any episodes

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In my top 10, and I don't even like baseball.

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Cross Game is absolutely one of the best anime shows (not just sports anime) that I've seen. Period. It is another masterpiece written by Mitsuru Adachi (of Touch and H2 fame). From the first episode (which is absolutely heartbreaking and a must-watch), the show just captures the viewers attention and never lets go. The best part is that Cross Game is that it is about more than just baseball. It is a story about dealing with the death of a loved one (it has a very similar feeling to AnoHana), friendship, and how two people grow and nurture each other through hardships and successes. The story may be a little bit predictable at times, but Cross Game is more about the total journey. Don't be intimidated by the length. Time flies and there really are no filler episodes (except for one recap episode) and by the end, I was wishing that the show would never end. The characters are truly what make this show exceptional and Aoba is one of my favorite female protagonists of all time. She is way more than just a tsundere and has so much depth to her character. Do yourself a favor and watch this masterpiece. It'll have you on the edge of seat the whole time.

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