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Fuller House 2016


Shout by Matt Bovett
2016-03-04T12:45:56-06:00— updated 2017-03-07T17:42:05-06:00

Season 1: You probably won't understand why this is cool unless you grew up watching Full House. Some of the jokes and characters are corny, and some of the episodes are better than others, but DJ, her kids, Stephanie, and most of the people who reprise their roles from the original show do a good job at holding this show together, in my opinion.

Season 2: Some decent moments but overall not as good as Season 1. Stephanie and Jackson are my fav in this season. I hope they come up with better episodes for Season 3. Should get more interesting as the kids age.

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Try's to be an adorable reboot and instead feels like a half-hearted cash grab drowning in nostalgia. Jokes are nearly always a miss, the kids can't act that well, and there wasn't nearly enough John Stamos.

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Hopefully this leads to more TGIF spin-offs 20 yrs later. Urcle Matters or Family Urcle ? lol. Choose a title. Anyway if you get passed the first episode the show is actually not that bad.
Although it's not sure if it's aimed at just adults or the entire family.

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Only watched two episodes today and i love it :) Candace Cameron Bure is awesome! #ShiftvW8

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I love this show so much and I never get tired of watching this show. I recommend it to everyone out there who as a big fan of Full House back I the day. #ShiftvW8

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This show isn't bad. I may only be saying that because it's exactly what I expected, but really... if you expected this to be some witty god tier show then you must be a really hopeful person. I'd give the first season 7/10.

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