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Gokukoku no Brynhildr 2014

  • 2016-12-04T22:00:00+09:00s at 2016-12-04T22:00:00+09:00 on Tokyo MX
  • 2014-04-06T13:00:00Z
  • 25 mins
  • 5 hours, 25 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Animation, Romance, Action, Adventure
A high school senior Murakami Ryouta had a childhood friend called Kuroneko who died in an accident. Ryouta had made a promise with Kuroneko that he will prove there are aliens in the universe. In order to fulfil his promise, he joined the astronomy club at the school as its only member and kept observing the stars almost every night. One day, a girl who looks like Kuroneko transferred into his class. To his surprise, the girl's name is Kuroha Neko which is really similar to his childhood friend's name. However it seems that there is something unusual about her. It turns out that she is a witch who actually escaped from a research laboratory.

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This series had a good premise... individuals that were experimented on and gained supernatural powers from it and were hunted down. IMHO, if the series had been more dark and serious, I think this series would've been a lot better, instead of the light hearted harem/fanservice series that was shown. The overall series was fine, but felt completely rushed towards the end. Hopefully, there will be an OVA or movie in the future to wrap everything up, otherwise the way this series ended was poor.

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Remember that edgy thing called "Elfen Lied"? Yup, this is by the same author and while I'm fuzzy on the details on that it certainly is similar in the way of inflicting violence to teenage girls. It is also probably the only 1-cour show that changed openings on the second last episode and then even to a terrible crunkcore-thingy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C__joUsxAPw).
Despite rating it just a "4" I want to stress that I got plenty of enjoyment out of it... just for all the wrong reasons - or maybe not! Going by the anime alone one has to either believe this is a work by hacks (which it kinda is) or well versed people intentionally taking the piss out of genre conventions.
Anyways, you should not watch this show if you expect any kind of logic or common sense. The story is ridiculous and badly paced. It also follows the same pattern up until the end where they just throw in an ending because they can. What made the show for me was it's schizophrenic tone, switching between comedy bits set to goofy music with some romance to heavily censored action - with a straight face. Really, it's amazing how much bullshit they managed to stuff in there. If you want to watch something so bad that it's good give it a go.

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this anime is beautiful, made me laugh and cry so much....ending was pretty sad

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