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How to Keep a Mummy 2018

  • Ended
  • TBS
  • 2018-01-11T17:00:00Z
  • 24m
  • 4h 48m (12 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • 8bit
  • Fantasy, Anime, Comedy
Sora Kashiwagi is living a normal high school student life, when his "adventurer" father sends him a mummy from his travels in Egypt! Sora balks at the letter from his crazy dad ("I found a cool mummy, so I decided to leave it with you, son!") at first, but the mummy that emerges from inside the huge coffin is a mere 12 centimeters tall--small enough to fit in the palm of his hand... Not only that, it's shy, a crybaby, and most of all, heckin' cute. And so, Sora and ends up keeping the mummy, naming his new little buddy "Mii-kun." But living with a mummy might be easier said than done...!

1 season

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