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    Made in Wales 2009

    • 2009-11-01T01:00:00+01:00
    • 30 mins

    Earlier in 2009 a dozen youngsters from across Wales came together to have a go at making television that is relevant to them and reflects their concerns. This documentary follows their progress and discoveries about the changing face of broadcasting. We also have a glimpse of their results.
    A BBC Wales initiative to find out what young people think about programmes in general. They want to hear opinions and ideas about future of television and how it could be. Media consumption amongst young people, especially those from 16 to 21 has changed beyond recognition in the last five years - "what I want when I want it, where I want it" has become the mantra for what's given to them by media producers and broadcasters whilst the other is "Broadcast yourself" - by line of YouTube! and the underlying rationale of peer to peer and social networks. They have no brand loyalty. and as for the future consumers and the future parents of future consumers - their opinions, thoughts and behaviour has a lot tot tell us both about the shape and content of media to come and how the local and global should be balanced.
    The journey of 12 young media consumers who tell it like it is for them and discover why the media is as it is, how it has changed and how we should shape what it says and how it says it in the future. Three things bring them together as a group - their age; their use of consumption of media and their passion for their locality and Wales.
    This program isn't just about sounding off - they have questions as to why things are what they are and they want to be informed and find out from professionals in the field. They want to test their views and they want to create themselves.

    The areas that the program follow are :
    News - Kyle (Tovey) and Thomas
    Drama (Skins) - (Kyle (Lima), Rasheeda and Liam and David
    Music - Ben and Luke
    Factual - Carys, Melissa, Louise and Lauren

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