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One-Punch Man 2015

  • 2015-12-20T05:05:00-08:00
  • TV Tokyo
  • 2015-10-04T06:05:00-07:00
  • 24 mins
  • 4 hours, 48 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Comedy, Anime
The story takes place in the fictional Japanese metropolis of City Z. The world is full of strange monsters that mysteriously appear and cause disasters. Saitama, the protagonist, is an exceptionally powerful hero who easily defeats the monsters or other villains with a single punch. However, due to his overwhelming strength, Saitama has become bored with his powers and is constantly trying to find stronger opponents who can fight him. On his adventures, he meets new friends, enemies, and his own disciple, the cyborg Genos, and joins the Heroes Association in order to gain fame for all of his efforts to defeat evil. Despite defeating many strong monsters that even the Heroes Association’s top members are unable to defeat, Saitama struggles to gain respect. Most people look down on him due to his plain physical appearance, and some accuse him of being a counterfeit hero. Only a small number of individuals recognize his incredible talent and humility towards others.

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One of my favorite anime to date. A lot of humor mixed up with action in a good way.
The quality of animation and music are exemplary.
A must watch!

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ONE PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNCHH! Fingers crossed for season 2! Because this is probably one of my favorite anime of all time. And if it's not getting a second season, I'll have to read the manga online but that SUCKS. Just the thought of a second season makes me orgasm. 10/10 get one punched.

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This is an Anime that you must see! It's amazing!
(via TV Blaze for WP)

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