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JAN - 55 episodes watched
FEB - 47 episodes watched
MAR - 98 episodes watched
APR - 190 episodes watched
MAY - 201 episodes watched
JUN - 145 episodes watched
JUL - 95 episodes watched
AUG - 107 episodes watched
SEP - 113 episodes watched
OCT - 90 episodes watched
NOV - 85 episodes watched
DEC - 94 episodes watched


Lista de todos los capítulos que he visto en 2018.


Jan - 70
Feb - 145
Mar - 131
Apr - 76


Episodes watched in February 2020


Yearly Stats

Episode Plays - 1,189
Episodes Per Month - 99.1
Episodes Per Week - 22.4
Episodes Per Day - 3.2

Monthly Breakdown

Jan - 92 Episodes
Feb - 82 Episodes
Mar - 107 Episodes
April - 119 Episodes
May - 85 Episodes
June - 100 Episodes
July - 112 Episodes
Aug - 131 Episodes
Sept - 94 Episodes
Oct - 95 Episodes
Nov - 64 Episodes
Dec - 108 Episodes

New Shows Started: 27

24: Legacy, American Gods, APB, Ballers, The Blacklist: Redemption, The Brave, The Defiant Ones, The Gifted, Into The Badland, iZombie, Legion, Marvel's The Defenders, Marvel's Inhumans, Marvel's Iron Fist, Marvel's Punisher, Midnight, Texas, NCIS: New Orleans, The Orville, Poweless, Rick and Morty, Riverdale, Seal Team, SIX, Stranger Things, Taken, Time After Time, Training Day

Ended Shows Completed: 16

24: Legacy, APB, The Blacklist Redemption, Bones, Conviction, The Defiant Ones, Frequency, Grimm, Kingdom, Marvel's The Defenders, Marvel's Inhumans, Poweless, Prison Break, Sleepy Hollow, Time After Time, Training Day

Total Series Watched - 73

Series Watched -

24: Lagacy - S1
American Gods - S1
APB - S1
Arrow - S5x10-S6x09
Ballers - S1x01-S3x10
The Big Bang Theory - S10x12 - S11x11
Bitchin' Ride - S4x01-S4x14
The Blacklist - S4x09 - S5x08
The Blacklist: Redemption - S1
Blindspot - S2x10 - S3x08
Bones - S12x01 - S12x12
The Brave - S1x1 - S1x09
Breakout Kings - Special 01 & 02
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Special 01
Bull - S1x10 - S2x10
Comic Book Men - S6x09 - S7x06
Conviction - S1x10 - S1x13
DC's Legends of Tomorrow - S2x09 - S3x09
The Defiant Ones - S1x01 - S1x04
Designated Survivor - S1x10 - S1x21
Elementary - S5x11 - S5x24
Empire - S3x10 - S4x09
Family Guy - S15x10 - S16x09
The Flash - S3x10 - S4x09
Frequency - S1x10 - S1x13
Game of Thrones - 7x01 - 7x07
The Gifted - S1x01 - S1x10
Gotham - S3x12 -S4x05
Grimm - S6
House of Cards - S5
Into The Badlands - S1x01 - S2x10
iZombie - S1, S2, S3
Kingdom - S2x10 - S3x10
Legion - S1
Lethal Weapon - S1x10 - S2x10
The Librarians - S3x07 - S4x06
Lucha Underground - S3x18 - S3x40
Lucifer - S2x11 - S3x10
MacGyver - S1x12 - S2x11
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - S4x09 - S5x05
Marvel's The Defenders - S1
Marvel's Inhumans - S1
Marvel's Iron Fist - S1
Marvel's The Punisher - S1x01 - S1x05
Midnight, Texas - S1x01 - S2x10
NCIS - S4x03 - S8x10
NCIS: New Orleans - S1x01 - S1x03
The Originals - S4
The Orville - S1x01 - S1x05
Power Rangers - 12x01 - 12x21
Powerless - S1
Preacher - S2
Prison Break - S5
Quantico - S2x09 - S2x22
Rick & Morty - S1, S2, S3
Ridiculousness - S9x01 - S10x22
Riverdale - S1
Scorpion - S3x12 - S4x12
Seal Team - S1x01 - S1x09
Shooter - S1x08 - S2x08
Six - S1
Sleepy Hollow - S4
Star Wars Rebels - S3x11 - S4x09
Stranger Things - S1, S2
Supergirl - S2x09 - S3x09
Supernatural - S12x09 - S13x09
Taken - S1
Time After Time - S1
Timeless - S1x11 - S1x16
Training Day - S1
Voltron: Legendary Defender - S1, S2, S3, S4
Wisdom of the Crowd - S1x01 - S1x11

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All of the TV episodes which I have watched in 2018


Movies and episodes I've watched in school and/or for school.


Everything I've seen, in 2017


List of episodes I've watched in 2017.

Shows: 69
New episodes: 994
Rewatched episodes: 563

RuPaul's Drag Race S5E02→S9
Dexter S7E08→S8
Rick and Morty S1→S3
F is for Family S1→S2
American Crime Story S1
Scream Queens S2E10
Sherlock S4
The Americans S1→S5E11
Friends S1→S10
Elementary S4E23→S4E24
Star Trek: TNG S1→S6E02
The Walking Dead S7E09→S7E10
New Girl S6
Oscars S1E89
Iron Fist S1E01→S1E02
Arrow S5, S6E08
Better Call Saul S3
Doctor Who S10E01→S10E07
Game of Thrones S6E06→S7
The Office S7E24→S9
Vikings S1→S5E04
Bill Nye Saves the World S1E01→S1E02
The Flash S2E20→S2E23, S4E08
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S2→S3E09
Archer S1E01, S8
Parks and Recreation S1→S7
Twin Peaks S3
Taboo S1E01→S1E03
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S3
House of Cards S5
Orange Is the New Black S5
Penny Dreadful S3
Mr. Robot S2
Peaky Blinders S3
Master of None S1→S2
Fargo S1→S3
Wet Hot American Summer S2
From Dusk till Dawn S3
The Defenders S1
2 Broke Girls S6
Sense8 S2
That '70s Show S1→S8E10
Narcos S3
Bojack Horseman S4, Special 1
Agent Carter S1E01
The Deuce S1E01→S1E04
Ozark S1
Star Trek: Discovery S1E01→S1E09
Once Upon a Time S5E12→S5E23
Banshee S1→S4
Band of Brothers S1E01→S1E04
Fear the Walking Dead S1
Big Mouth S1
How to Get Away with Murder S3
Westworld S1
Boardwalk Empire S1→S3E03
Arman ja Suomen rikosmysteerit S1E01→S1E08
Mindhunter S1
Stranger Things S2
The Confession Tapes S1E01→S1E04
Kill Arman S1E01
Marvel's The Punisher S1
Adventure Time S1E01→S1E06
Supergirl S3E08
Hawaii Five-0 S6E24→S7E13
Orphan Black S5
Knightfall S1E01→S1E02
Manhunt: Unabomber S1


All episodes I saw in 2017.


3,52 episodes per day

2,47 hours per day

Shows: 91
New episodes: 1194
Rewatched episodes: 92 (Fringe S1 + S2, Misfits, Utopia)

Parasyte S1x14 - S1
Band of Brothers S1x07 - S1
Rome S1x06 - S1
Sherlock S4
Hunter x Hunter S1 - S1x45 (without x13 and x26)
Boondocks S4x06 - S4
Lethal Weapon S1x10 - S1
Frequency S1x10 - S1
Vikings S4x16 - S5x06
Taboo S1
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S4x09 - S5x05
Series of Unfortunate Events S1
SW Clone Wars S1 - S6
From the New World S1
The Librarians S1 - S3
Timeless S1x11 - S1
Supergirl S2x09 - S3x09
Legends of Tomorrow S2x09 - S3x09
Flash S3x10 - 4x09
Arrow S5x10 - S6x09
The Magicians S2
Black Sails S4
The 100 S4
Trepalium S1
Young Pope S1
Powerless S1 - S1x09
24: Legacy S1
The Expanse S2
Legion S1
The Walking Dead S7x09 - S8x03
Ultimate Beastmaster S1 - S2x01
Ice Fantasy S1 - S1x02
SW Rebels S1 - S4x09
The Americans S5
Underground S2
The Last Kingdom S2
Iron Fist S1
Ajin S1 - S2
Making a Murderer S1
13 Reasons Why S1
Attack on Titan S2
Rick and Morty S3
iZombie S3
Prison Break S5
The Get Down S1x07 - S1x11
Outcast S2
Better Call Saul S3
Doctor Who S10 + Christmas Special 2017
The Leftovers S3
Fargo S3
Handmaid's Tale S1
American Gods S1
Sense8 S2
Master of None S2
Fringe S1 - S2
Twin Peaks S1
12 Monkeys S3
House of Cards S5
Orphan Black S5
Power S4
Preacher S2
Cleverman S2
Queen Sugar S2 - Sx09
Fear TWD S3
Game of Thrones S7
Ballers S3
Ozark S1
Bates Motel S1 - S5
The Defenders S1
Misfits S1- S5
Victoria S2 - S2x03
Narcos S3
Mr Mercedes S1
The Deuce S1
The Orville S1
Last Chance U S1 - S2
American Vandal S1
Star Trek Disovery S1
Inhumans S1
Mindhunter S1
Shannara Chronicles S2 - S2x02
Mr Robot S3
The Gifted S1
Dirk Gently S2
Stranger Things S2
Eletric Dreams S1x01
Utopia S1 - S2
Punisher S1
Peaky Blinders S4
Runaways S1 - S1x08
Godless S1
The Crown S2
Black Mirror S4


Movies and series I watched on Netflix in 2017

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