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Rosario + Vampire 2008

  • 2008-12-23T07:15:00-08:00
  • Tokyo MX
  • 2008-01-03T00:00:00-08:00
  • 25 mins
  • 10 hours, 50 mins
  • Japan
  • English
  • Animation, Comedy, Action, Adventure
Due to poor grades, Tsukune Aono, an average high school student, has been unable to get accepted into any private academy of his choice. By exceptional accident, the only school to accept him turns out to be anything but ordinary; the school is attended by youkai disguised as humans. Fearing for his life, he attempts to escape only to meet Moka Akashiya, a beautiful girl who just happens to be a vampire. Despite this, Tsukune decides to stay at the academy, hiding his human nature from students and teachers. Tsukune also discovers that when the rosary around Moka's neck is removed, her true nature emerges.

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I Love Vampires... The Best Anime For Vampires and Split Personality Vampires...

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Season one is hilarious, and begins introducing depth to the characters as well as an interesting story in the background alongside some funny fight scenes. Season two is humorous, but very clearly focused on fan-service and sexually charged funny moments as opposed to any real character development. While I didn't outright out the second season, it is very clearly the weak link in the series as a whole, but I have heard the manga is a lot better and contains an actually serious story. Overall as a show I love it, as silly as it is.

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now I complete the two series, I can say, season one was okay, other harem in the industry, but season two, my goddess, the ending is awful, suddenly powers of nowhere.
I like the fanservice but here have a pantyshot each 5 seconds, even in scenes of drama. calm down guys.

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