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Ryusei Ningen Zon

Season 1 1973

  • 1973-04-02T06:00:00+01:00
  • 30 mins
  • 13 hours, 0 mins

Ryūsei Ningen Zōn?, lit. "Meteor Human Zone"), is a tokusatsu science fiction superhero television series. Produced by Toho Company Ltd., the show aired on Nippon Television from April 2 to September 24, 1973, with a total of 26 episodes, it was cancelled due to the oil crisis of 1973. This was Toho's answer to not only the popular Ultra Series, but the Henshin Hero phenomenon started by shows like Kamen Rider and Android Kikaider. The previous year, Toho had just made their successful first superhero show, Rainbowman. The series was also notable for its guest appearance by Toho's own Godzilla, as well as two other Toho monsters, King Ghidorah and Gigan. Supplementary materials published by Toho have confirmed Zone Fighter to be part of the Showa-era Godzilla series, taking place in between Godzilla vs. Megalon and Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla.

26 episodes


  • Series Premiere

    1973-04-02T06:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

After suffering the destruction of their home world, planet Peaceland, at the hands of the Garoga Baron aliens, the Zone Family find their way to their new home, Earth, beginning their new peaceful lives as the Sakimori family. But now the fiendish Garoga have come to Earth on a mission of conquest, sending down three spies to eliminate the Zone Family! Following an ambush by the three Garoga, the Zone Family find themselves held captive in their secret Earth hideout. At the last moment, Hikaru, Hotaru and Akira transform into Fighter, Angel and Junior and do battle with their captors! In an act of desperation, the cornered Garoga amalgamate into the giant Terror-Beast Red Spark, while Fighter transforms into the mighty Zone Fighter. After Zone Fighter destroys Red Spark, the Garoga space station launches a Terror-Beast Missile, and the Terror-Beast Jikiro is sent to Earth. Initially constrained by the monster’s powerful magnetic force, Zone Fighter is finally able to defeat Jikiro thanks to the combined efforts of the Zone Family.


  • 1973-04-09T06:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

A mysterious red object falls to Earth. Sure enough, it is a Garoga missile, and from it emerge a new group of Garoga with orders to destroy the Zone Family! Having seen the missile from afar, Murayama and his little brother Jiro venture to the crash site, where they discover a piece of red metal debris. As the two are preoccupied, Takeru Jou bugs their car with a microphone. Murayama brings the metal fragment to their friends, the Zone Family, to be inspected, as Jiro goes outside to meet Akira, who is playing with a radio controlled boat. Nearby, two Garoga agents use their own transmitter to operate the boat, targeting it towards Jiro! With Jiro’s eye badly injured, Akira runs to the house to find help, but inside they receive an anonymous phone call telling them Jiro has already been taken to the hospital. Murayama, Yoichiro and Akira meet with the doctors, who inform them that if Jiro doesn’t receive a cornea transplant immediately he will lose his eyesight. Able to regenerate his eyes as a native of the planet Peaceland, Akira offers himself as the donor. But the three surgeons have been substituted for Garoga agents! As they move in for the kill on the operating table, Akira is saved just in time by Takeru’s timely arrival! Hikaru and Hotaru arrive in time to assist Takeru, but the three Garoga soon make their escape. As a last resort, the Garoga release the monster Destro-King! Transforming into Zone Fighter, Hikaru takes on the monster with the aid of Zone Angel and Zone Junior.


  • 1973-04-16T06:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

While visiting Takeru’s model shop, Akira makes a new friend, Mamoru, the son of the space engineer Dr. Morita. On his way to meet his son that afternoon, Dr. Morita is kidnapped by Garoga agents and taken to their underground base. When his father fails to arrive, Takeru and Akira walk Mamoru back home, where he receives a phone call informing him his father’s car was discovered on the peak at Mt. Fuji! Takeru visits the Zone Family to inform them what has happened, and they all concur the incident must be related to the Garoga. With a space conference due to begin, Takeru believes the Garoga plot must be aimed at the foreign scientists due to arrive in Japan, and decides the best way for them to find the Garoga base is to act as a decoy, disguising themselves as the scientists. Takeru’s plan works as expected, and the group are captured in the Garoga’s Fourth-Dimensional Net, which transports them to their underground hide-out at the base of Mt. Fuji. Firing the Zobot transmitter, Hotaru is able to direct Hikaru to their location. After Hikaru rescues Dr. Morita and the others, the Garoga deploy the Terror-Beast Dorora. Transforming into Zone Fighter, a hard battle ensues. Once Dorora is defeated, Zone Fighter destroys the Garoga base.

While searching for an object that had fallen from the sky, Hotaru is delighted to encounter her childhood friend Sachio from Peaceland. Upon meeting the rest of the Zone Family, Sachio explains that he survived the destruction of his family’s mother ship at the hands of the Garoga as he was occupied with a surveillance flight. However, Hikaru and the others remain suspicious of him. While on the road that evening, the Terror-Beast Wargilgar suddenly appears, and Hikaru transforms into Zone Fighter and begins to battle the monster. In an attempt to prove his good intentions, Sachio shoots and seemingly destroys the monsters with a ray gun. Despite this, Yoichiro tells Hotaru that he believes Sachio is an imposter, though his words fall on deaf ears. The next morning, Hotaru finds Sachio is missing. Upon opening the music box he left behind, all the toys in the room transform into weapons and begin a vicious assault on the Sakimori household, injuring Hikaru’s right shoulder. Appearing on the family’s TV screen, Sachio reveals to the family that he is a member of the Garoga, and begins manipulating Wargilgar to destroy Tokyo. Hikaru transforms into Zone Fighter to fight against the Terror-Beast, but due to his injury he is forced to only fight with his left arm. Meanwhile, Hotaru transforms into Zone Angel and faces Sachio, who transforms into a Garoga. Despite the best efforts of Zone Angel and Zone Junior, he manages to transform yet again into the Terror-Beast Spyler. Now facing two monsters, Zone Fighter finds himself in a dilemma. But at that moment, Zone Angel launches the Zobot to call for help, and the monster of justice Godzilla arrives! Now the tables have been turned, as Godzilla takes on Wargilgar with his radioactive beam and Zone Fighter blasts Spyler to smithereens with his Proton Beam!


  • 1973-04-30T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

At the Research Institute of Future Sciences, a revolutionary new invention known as the Blue-Green device has been developed, enabling the reduction of carbon monoxide pollution. Having learnt of this new device, the Garoga dispatch their super Terror-Beast King Ghidorah to Earth! Takeru futilely attempts to warn the members at the research institute that they have been targeted by the Garoga, while the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force engage in a hopeless battle with the approaching King Ghidorah. After Takeru persuades Hikaru, Hotaru and Akira to return with him to the institute, they discover three Garoga have already taken the scientists hostage using their immobilizing Garoga Pack helmets, intending for King Ghidorah to destroy the building with both the Blue-Green device and the scientists still inside. Transforming into Fighter, Angel and Junior, the three are successful in driving the Garoga away. Unwilling to settle for defeat, the Gold Garoga orders the commencement of the Dark Prism operation; planting the Dark Prism crystal as a snare for the Zone Family. After discovering the prism, Takeru brings it back to the Sakimori’s house as the Garoga had anticipated. After Raita concludes that the prism must be of Garoga origin, Hikaru theorizes that following the sound emanating from the prism might lead them to the Garoga base. Hotaru and Akira join Hikaru in locating the origin of the sound, but the three find themselves ambushed by a group of Garoga. After the siblings brush off the Garoga, King Ghidorah appears in the sky! Manipulated by Ghidorah, the prism beclouds the light as it begins to absorb the sun’s energy. Transforming into the giant Zone Fighter, Hikaru attempts to lure Ghidorah away from the research institute, however with the sun blocked he finds himself unable to replenish his energy. Using the Zone Family computer, Raita unleashes the artificial cloud, “Bolt Thunder”, which strikes Ghidorah with bolts of lightning, though paying the heavy price of shortening his own life. As Ghidorah loses control of the prism, the sunlight reappears and Zone Fighter recharges his energy. Sending Zone Fighter the Proton Crystal from the Zone Family computer, Zone Fighter is given enough energy to lure Ghidorah back into space. However, with the loss of the crystal, the house’s Proton Barrier collapses, leaving it defenseless against the Garoga…!


  • 1973-05-07T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

While luring King Ghidorah towards Venus, Zone Fighter loses radio contact with the Zone Family and notices Ghidorah has disappeared. Upon realizing that without the Proton Barrier the house is defenseless against the Garoga, Zone Fighter hurries back to Earth to find the family has been kidnapped. In the Garoga’s secret base, the Zone Family are being held with the Garoga Packs as they await their death sentence! Discovering the Garoga base from the air using the Mighty Liner, Hikaru comes to the rescue of the Zone Family just in the nick of time! After returning the Proton Crystal to Raita, Hikaru receives an urgent call from Takeru asking him to come to the research institute. As Hikaru, Hotaru and Akira arrive, they witness a number of cars floating in mid-air above the institute — the work of King Ghidorah! After Hikaru transforms into the giant Zone Fighter and safely returns the cars and their occupants to the ground, he is confronted by Ghidorah for the second time. Meanwhile, Hotaru and the others evacuate the research institute, safely removing the Blue-Green device. In the midst of the battle, one of Ghidorah’s gravity beams hits Zone Fighter in the face and causes him to go blind. Unable to continue the fight, Zone Fighter reverts to his human form, while King Ghidorah destroys the research institute. Later at the Sakimori’s home, Raita is successful in restoring Hikaru’s vision. Afterwards, he suggests the family use the Pandora Capsule to aid Zone Fighter, providing cover as he lures King Ghidorah to Venus once again for their final showdown. Although Zone Fighter is unable to destroy the monster, a weakened King Ghidorah flees into space.


  • 1973-05-14T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

The Terror-Beast Dragon King is on a rampage, but just before it can destroy a dam and flood the town, Zone Fighter appears! After a decisive battle, Zone Fighter once again destroys the Terror-Beast. Undeterred, the Gold Garoga puts his latest strategy into effect; disguising Garoga 13 as Hotaru Sakimori! Meanwhile, the Sakimori family have gone away together to the Atagawa Onsen Hotel, where they wait for Hotaru who is still in school. Upon leaving school, Hotaru joins Takeru at a coffee shop for some cake, and when she visits the restroom the Garoga make their switch. Takeru sees the Garoga agents carrying the real Hotaru to a car through the window and goes in pursuit. Arriving at the hotel, the disguised Garoga 13 begins to join in with the family. Leaving the room to make coffee for the family, she poisons the milk. As Hotaru regains consciousness in the Garoga’s warehouse hideout, her captors make her watch the final moments of her family on their monitor. But Garoga No. 13, not truly knowing the family, makes a mistake; Hotaru’s father never drinks coffee with milk. Noticing his daughter doesn’t have any coffee, he offers his drink to her. As Akira questions why his coffee has also been made wrong, the enraged Garoga 13 storms out of the room. Having found Hotaru, Takeru takes on the Garoga agents in an attempt to free her, but is ultimately captured himself. That night, as the disguised Garoga 13 attempts to plant a bomb in the family’s hotel room, she is confronted by Tsukiko, who had been growing increasingly suspicious of her daughter. Revealing her true form, Garoga 13 begins to attack Tsukiko, before Hikaru enters and transforms into Zone Fighter. He throws the Garoga over a cliff, but the giant Terror-Beast Gilmaras emerges from the crater below. Transforming into his giant form, Zone Fighter brings down the monster. Meanwhile in the Garoga hideout, Hotaru and Takeru are able to fire the Zobot to signal for help. Zone Fighter arrives and takes out the Garoga, but Hotaru warns him of the time bomb Garoga 13 left in the hotel room. Rushing back to the hotel, Zone Fighter is able to save the family just before the bomb explodes.


  • 1973-05-21T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Akira and his friends are visiting Takeru’s model shop, when one of the boys notices something strange through a telescope. Peering through, Takeru sees a Terror-Beast Missile falling from the sky. Takeru looks at a map and predicts the missile is heading in the direction of Tanzawa, so he and Akira leave at once to investigate. Meanwhile, two fishermen in Tanzawa witness the missile crash into the lake, and as they prepare to go to the police they are confronted by three people who claim to be from the Geological Research Institute. Unable to be persuaded otherwise, the fishermen decide to go to the police station, so the researchers reveal their true identity; Garoga agents! As Takeru and Akira arrive in Tanzawa they find the bodies of the two fishermen, when they are suddenly ambushed by the Garoga. Akira is able to trick the Garoga into thinking he’s escaped and hides in the truck of the car, as the Garoga drive Takeru to their secret base. From the trunk, Akira contacts Hotaru and Hikaru and directs them to the Garoga’s hideout. Inside the base, the Garoga prepare to put Takeru to death. While waiting for reinforcement, Akira decides to enter the base alone and arrives in time to set Takeru free, but the two are then confined by the Garoga. Before long, Hikaru and Hotaru arrive at the scene in the Mighty Liner. Transforming into Fighter and Angel, the two take down the Garoga and rescue Takeru and Akira. Meanwhile, the missile at the bottom of the lake is activated, and the giant Terror-Beast Gelderah is unleashed! Zone Fighter pursues the monster alone in the Mighty Liner, before transforming into his giant form to finish it off!


  • 1973-05-28T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

The Garoga have finally completed their ultimate weapon, the Garoga Spider, intent on wiping out the Zone Family and humanity once and for all! In pursuit of a Garoga signal, Hikaru finds a small spider floating through the sky. The spider lands by a lorry which is transporting a lion, and a Garoga agent attempts to free the lion before being stopped by Hikaru. Ambushed by a group of Garoga, Hikaru transforms into Zone Fighter. At the Sakimori home they receive a warning signal that Zone Fighter is in battle, and Angel and Junior fly to the scene to aid Fighter. The Garoga flee their lost battle, then later reveal to the Zone Family their intention to use the Garoga Spider to suck the blood of animals and transform them into Terror-Beasts. Presuming that the Garoga will be targeting zoos, Yoichiro asks Hikaru, Hotaru and Akira to keep a look out together. At the zoo, Akira spots a Garoga agent setting loose a gorilla. Hikaru, Hotaru, Akira and Yoichiro follow the creature, but are ambushed by the Garoga. Meanwhile as they fight, the Garoga Spider appears and sucks the blood of the gorilla, transforming it into the giant Terror-Beast, Garoga Gorilla! At that same moment, the Garoga also unleash the giant Terror-Beast Spideros! As Angel, Junior and Yoichiro work together to bring down the Garoga Gorilla, Zone Fighter transforms into his giant form to take on Spideros!


  • 1973-06-04T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Hikaru is attacked by a mysterious orb in the sky, but after transforming into Zone Fighter he is able to destroy it with ease. The Sakimori family agree the incident was most likely caused by the Garoga, but their true intention does not seem clear. Soon afterwards, Hikaru notices his own shadow moving by itself, but an examination by Raita reveals nothing out of the ordinary. As the Garoga unleash the mighty Terror-Beast Shipdoror, Hikaru transforms into Zone Fighter, but upon defeating the monster a new Terror-Beast, Shadorah, manifests from Zone Fighter’s own shadow! Zone Fighter suddenly grows weak and collapses, transforming back into his human form, as Shadorah and a newly-revived Shipdoror escape. As they had suspected, everything was a trap laid by the Garoga; the orb that attacked Hikaru had fired at beam at him, attracting the monster Shadorah. Determined to find the Garoga, Raita makes Hikaru transform into Zone Fighter once again, so that he is able to locate the source from which the Terror-Beast is being fed it’s energy. Having successfully ascertained the Garoga’s secret base inside a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean near the Izu Peninsula, Angel, Junior and Yoichiro infiltrate the base and destroy the control room. As a result, Shadorah self-destructs and Hikaru’s body returns to normal.


  • 1973-06-01T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

A car installed with a newly developed engine is entered into a race, and Hikaru is chosen as the driver. Prior to the race, Hikaru takes the car on a test run, when he discovers the breaks fail to work. Even after transforming into Zone Fighter, he finds himself unable to escape from the vehicle. In truth the car had been substituted for a duplicate designed by the Garoga, aided by Hikaru’s racing rival Sasaki. With Zone Fighter trapped inside, the Garoga transport the vehicle to a scrap yard and suspend it inside a car compactor. Now regretting what he has done, Sasaki attempts to save Hikaru, but is killed without mercy by the Garoga. Meanwhile, Angel and Junior take Smokey to the scrap yard to save Zone Fighter, but find themselves ambushed by a group of Garoga. Suddenly, Godzilla appears! As the Garoga make their escape, they fire a Terror-Beast Missile and release the monster Gigan! Just in time, Godzilla is able to sever the power lines leading to the car compactor, allowing Zone Fighter time to escape. As Godzilla’s battle with Gigan continues, Zone joins Angel and Junior. The three raid the Garoga base where they find the murdered Sasaki, and are successful in driving off the Garoga. After defeating Gigan, Godzilla retreats, but Gigan is soon able to revive! Zone Fighter immediately transforms into his giant form, and successfully destroys Gigan once and for all!


  • 1973-06-18T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Livestock facilities are being attacked one by one, animals being stolen by the truckload. Yoko, the little sister of one of Takeru’s friends, is working as an assistant at her brother’s poultry farm. Hikaru and Takeru discover the Garoga during one of their raids and attempt to fight them off. Hotaru, who is with Yoko at the time, receives a distress call from Hikaru, and leaves her to join the fight against the Garoga. As the Garoga flee the battle in their car, they pass Yoko who is carrying a crate of chicklings and abduct her. While in pursuit of the Garoga, Hotaru discovers a dead chickling on the ground, and realizes that Yoko must have been captured by the Garoga. As Hotaru runs off on her own to find Yoko, a plume of smoke rises from the ground, and she awakens to find herself a captive in the Garoga base alongside Yoko. By combining the stolen animals with the geothermal energy they have harnessed from the depths of the Earth in their new base, the Garoga are able to create the Terror-Beast Barakidon. But as the monster is born, its power is so great that the Garoga’s base is destroyed in the process! Taking advantage of the situation, Hotaru transforms into Angel and escapes with Yoko and the others, along with the the Garoga’s blueprints for Barakidon, from which she discovers the monster’s weakness; its reliance on heat. Relaying this information to Hikaru, Angel conceals the moonlight using Smokey, as Barakidon – suffering from the cold – is defeated by Zone Fighter.


  • 1973-06-25T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

The Sakimori family gather to celebrate Hotaru’s 16th Birthday, when suddenly the Gold Garoga appears on their television set, declaring the family will be destroyed once and for all before the day is out! Although protected by the Proton Barrier, they suspect the Garoga may have already infiltrated the house, and Hotaru suspects there might be something hidden inside the Birthday cake. After Yoichiro scans the cake and confirms there is an explosive inside, Hikaru drives off alone to dispose of the cake at a safe location. After their failed attempt to assassinate the family with the cake, the Garoga manipulate the patisserie assistant Hisashi via telepathy in order to kidnap Takeru and Hotaru, however Junior is able to pursue their car using Smokey. Junior relays the location of the Garoga hideout to Hikaru, and the two are successful in saving Hotaru and the others and driving away their captors. In a last ditch attempt, the Garoga launch a Terror-Beast Missile, unleashing the mighty Garoborg! Transforming into his giant form, Zone Fighter confronts the monster, but its powerful electrical charges prove to be a tough challenge. However, after destroying the source of the electrical charge, Zone Fighter and Smokey’s combined attack is able to defeat the monster.


  • 1973-07-02T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Akira’s friend Tsuyoshi is struggling to keep his grades up at school, and is always being bullied by the other children. After school one day, Tsuyoshi sees two men drinking a strange medicine which gives them super strength. Tsuyoshi approaches the two men, who explain that the medicine makes them smarter as well as stronger, and kindly give Tsuyoshi several bottles. Drinking the medicine that night, Tsuyoshi amazes his teacher the next day by answering all the questions correctly. During recess, Tsuyoshi is able to take down a whole gang of bullies by himself. Reconciling with the bullies, Tsuyoshi offers them and Akira bottles of the medicine each. Akira takes the medicine back home and informs the Zone family of what happened. They test the medicine on the family’s pet bird, which suddenly becomes violent and chirps the name “Garoga”. As the family hurriedly begin work on an antidote, the Garoga activate the true effects of the medicine, manipulating the children into becoming an attack force. Following the command of the Gold Garoga, the children begin rioting around the town. Takeru phones Akira after discovering the boys on the rampage, who arrives to help him reason with the children, but both find themselves taken hostage. After completing the antidote, Hotaru transforms into Angel and takes Smokey to join Zone Fighter, who is currently engaged in a battle with the Garoga. In the Garoga hideout, the manipulated children transform into two adult Garoga and are ordered to kill Akira, but Zone and Angel arrive in time to stop them. Using the antidote on the Garoga, they transform back into the children. As the remaining Garoga transform into the Terror-Beast Detragon, Zone Fighter changes into his giant form to finish the battle!


  • 1973-07-09T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

A succession of earthquakes is striking the centre of Tokyo. The epicenter is being observed by the Meteorological Agency, but the cause of the earthquakes is so far undetermined. Driving the Mighty Liner, Hikaru finds his path blocked by an unusual mound of earth. Driving back in another direction, he is ambushed by the Garoga. However, after transforming the Mighty Liner into its flying form, he quickly finishes off his adversaries from the sky. Back at the Sakimori home, the family ascertain that the current events are the result of a Garoga attempt to sink Tokyo – along with the Sakimori home – by connecting the city’s subways with underground caves, causing the whole city to fall into the ground. Investigating alone, Akira ventures out to the clearing where the caves are located, but accidently falls into one of the caves below and becomes trapped. Upon discovering that Akira has gone alone, Hikaru and Hotaru take Mighty Liner and Smokey in pursuit. As the two arrive at the clearing, the Terror-Beast Zandora – responsible for digging out the underground tunnels – makes its way to the surface. As the monster moves back underground, Zone Fighter changes into his giant form, but as the ground collapses beneath his feet he falls into the cave below. Although able to bring Akira to the surface, the battle with Zandora continues underground, and Zone Fighter soon finds himself trapped below. But as Zandora makes its way back to the surface Godzilla appears, and a fierce battle ensues! After escaping from the cave, Zone Fighter joins Godzilla, and the two work together to take down the monster, saving Tokyo from sinking underground!


  • 1973-07-16T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

A young boy, Hiroshi, spots a meteor falling to Earth through his telescope. Running off to tell his father, he discovers both his parents held captive by the Garoga. Using a special ESP transceiver, the Garoga are able to control his mind. Taking on the form of the boy’s parents, they order Hiroshi to infiltrate the Zone Family’s home and destroy the Proton Barrier. As the three Sakimori children are driving home, Hiroshi jumps out into the road and is hit by their car. They take Hiroshi and the toy robot he was carrying back to the Sakimori house, where they discover he has lost his memories. Unable to uncover his identity, they allow the boy to stay with them. Hiroshi is awoken in the middle of the night by the Garoga’s ESP transceiver, and his toy robot is activated. Awoken in the night by a strange noise, Hikaru discovers the boy’s robot near the Proton Power. Hikaru manages to capture the robot and throw it out the window moments before it explodes. Hikaru explains the situation to the rest of the family, who had been woken by the blast, and they soon discover Hiroshi is missing from his room. Hotaru runs off to for look the boy, and discovers him unconscious in the middle of the street. The next morning, they discover the transceiver implanted in the boy’s brain and realize he is under the control of the Garoga. Raita speculates that they can follow the signals being sent to the boy to discover the Garoga’s headquarters, and Hikaru and Hotaru soon trace them to back to the home of Professor Teramura. Already waiting for them outside, the two Garoga fuse together to form the giant Terror-Beast Mogranda! Transforming into Zone Fighter, Hikaru begins to battle the monster. As the fight rages, Akira flies Smokey to the Teramura’s house and destroys their home with a bomb. With the destruction of the Garoga’s equipment inside the house, the weakened Mogranda is soon finished off by Zone Fighter. With his memories restored, Hiroshi is reunited with his real parents.


  • 1973-07-23T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Hotaru and Akira awaken in the middle of the night to discover they both had they same strange dream; that the Garoga had stolen Smokey. The two transform into Angel and Junior and go to find that Smokey is indeed missing. Angel suggests scanning the fourth dimension, and the two discover Smokey has been moved to Tanzawa. As the two continue their search in Tanzawa and come closer to finding Smokey, they meet a woman who calls herself Yuri. Pretending to assist them in their search, Yuri soon reveals her true identity as a Garoga, capturing the two in the Garoga’s own minus-fourth dimension. Here, Hotaru and Akira’s weapons are rendered useless, and they are unable to use the Zobot to call for help. In an attempt to take all of the Zone Family’s weapons, the Garoga next plan to lure Zone Fighter into the minus-fourth dimension and steal the Mighty Liner. As Hikaru returns home, Raita shows him a letter left by Hotaru and Akira explaining that Smokey had been stolen by the Garoga and that they had traced it to Tanzawa in the fourth dimension. As he arrives in Tanzawa, Hikaru is also met by Yuri, and soon finds himself in the Garoga’s minus-fourth dimension base. Just as the outlook seems bleak, the three children are saved by Raita, who had come in pursuit. The Garoga manage to steal the Mighty Liner as they attempt to make their escape, but Zone Fighter soon apprehends them. Taking back the Mighty Liner, Fighter travels to the Planet Bulgar where Smokey is being held. Before he is able to leave the planet with Smokey, a Terror-Beast Missile is detonated on the planet’s surface, from which the monster Balgaras appears. With the ability to transform it’s figure into a sphere in an instant, Balgaras proves to be a formidable foe, but Zone Fighter ultimately wins the battle and returns to Earth with Smokey.


  • 1973-07-30T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Following a successful experimental test, Professor Tanzawa’s PS73 – an all-new kind of energy with a mighty destructive power – has at last been completed. Scheduled to be used as the source of power at a radar base, the PS73 capsule is carefully transported. However the transport is ambushed and the PS73 seized by the Garoga while en route. The stolen PS73 is fed to the Terror-Beast Gundarguirus by the Garoga. Meanwhile, Yoichiro discovers that Comet K is emitting a powerful magnetic force and is heading on a direct trajectory towards Earth. Should the comet come close to the Earth, there is a danger that the magnetism will cause the PS73 in Gundarguirus to explode. Moreover, they also cannot recklessly attack the monster due to the danger of detonation. Transforming into his giant form, Zone Fighter attempts to pacify the monster carefully. Rather than fight, Zone Fighter challenges the monster to a game of rock-paper-scissors, under the condition that the monster returns to outer space if it should lose, but once the game is complete the monster refuses to cooperate. Instead, Zone Fighter challenges him to a fencing match. Once again, the victorious Zone Fighter demands the monster leave the Earth, but the monster instead begins to attack. As Zone Fighter’s power wanes, Comet K continues its approach to Earth, and the planet’s moment of crisis draws ever closer. To be continued!


  • 1973-08-06T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Under attack from Gundarguirus and his energy fading, Zone Fighter collapses to the ground, but the monster soon disappears. Suspecting the monster is hiding in the surrounding mountains, Hikaru goes alone with the Mighty Liner to investigate, but soon finds himself assaulted by the Garoga. Though unsuccessful in their attack, the Garoga announce to Hikaru that he only has 15 hours and 45 minutes left. Hikaru goes to meet Professor Tanzawa and explains the situation to him. He requests that in order to lure out Gundarguirus he be allowed to borrow another case of PS73. Tanzawa agrees to his request, and Hikaru proceeds to drive a truck containing the PS73 to the mountains where the monster is suspected to be hiding. Hotaru and Akira meanwhile take Smokey and meet Hikaru at the destination. As they arrive, they find themselves ambushed by the Garoga, and the three transform into their Zone forms. As Hikaru fights off the Garoga single-handedly, Hotaru and Akira carefully remove the PS73 from the truck. As expected, the monster Gundarguirus is drawn out of hiding, and Zone Fighter changes into his giant form. Still unable to attack due to the explosives inside the monster, Zone Fighter once again challenges the monster to a match; this time a game of ring toss. As Comet K draws ever closer to impact, Zone Fighter finally makes his move when the monster’s back is turned, tearing out the monster’s eyes! With the beast now left helpless, Zone Fighter severs the creature’s arms and head, being careful not to detonate the PS73 within. Flying into space with the monster’s torso, Zone Fighter uses his Proton Beam to detonate the PS73, the resulting explosion enough to force Comet K to radically change its trajectory.


  • 1973-08-13T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Takeru witnesses a young boy being kidnapped by an old man. Running over to help the child, the old man reveals his true identity – Garoga! After a brief fight, Takeru and the boy are both taken hostage. Sensing something is wrong via his telepathy, Akira leaves his group of friends and goes to discover Takeru’s bicycle left lying in the road. Later, Akira explains the situation to Hikaru, and Hotaru also says she could not find Takeru at his shop. Meanwhile, Akira’s friends encounter the old man, who tells them their friend is at his house and invites them to join him. Leaving Takeru’s shop, once again with no trace of him, Hikaru and Raita encounter a group of parents who claim their children have not returned home. A young woman passing by informs them that she had seen a group of children with an old man earlier. That evening, Akira decides to wait in the park acting as bait to lure out the suspicious old man. As hoped, the old man approaches Akira and invites him back to his house. Joining the old man, Hikaru follows them both to discover their hideout. Upon entering the building, Hikaru discovers the children are not there, and is ambushed by a group of Garoga before being locked inside. Transforming into Zone Fighter, Hikaru breaks free and follows the escaping Garoga using the Mighty Liner. After losing the Garoga, Zone Fighter receives a message from Akira on the Zobot, informing him he is nearby. Suddenly, the Terror-Beast Goram appears before Zone Fighter! Akira signals to Zone Fighter that he and the other children are inside the monster! Transforming into his giant form, Zone Fighter fears using his Missile Might in case the children are injured. A tough battle ensues, but Zone Fighter is assisted by Zone Angel in Smokey. After finally removing the monster’s left head, Zone Fighter frees the children, then destroys the monster once and for all with his Missile Might!


  • 1973-08-20T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Godzilla and Zone Fighter do battle, in what turns out to be a friendly sparring session. Meanwhile, the Gold Garoga is visited on the Garoga space station by the White Garoga. With him, White has brought a present that will help Gold defeat the Zone Family once and for all; a small life form from the planet Jellarl which will be impervious to Zone Fighter’s Proton Beam. The creature is loaded into a Terror-Beast Missile and fired towards the Earth. Hikaru and Hotaru track the incoming missile, but when they get to the drop site they find two Garoga agents attempting to retrieve the creature. After a brief fight, Hikaru and Hotaru manage to obtain the capsule holding the creature and drive off the two Garoga. In order to retrieve the creature, the Garoga manage to kidnap Akira, whom they use as a hostage in exchange for the return of their capsule. The Zone Family agree to the exchange, but once the deal has been done a fight breaks out between the Zone Family and the Garoga. During the fight the capsule is accidently broken, causing the creature inside to transform into the giant Terror-Beast Jellar! Zone Fighter transforms into his giant form and begins to attack, but as his energy begins to fade he comes to realize that his Proton Beam is ineffective against the monster. To aid Zone Fighter in his fight against Jallar, the Zone Family use the Zobot to call for Godzilla. Running straight into battle, Godzilla manages to tear off one of Jellar’s tentacles, but from this a second monster is born: Kastom Jellar! Receiving extra energy from Angel and Junior in Smokey, Zone Fighter rejoins the battle alongside Godzilla, and together they quickly bring down the two monsters.


  • 1973-08-27T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

One day, unexpectedly, the hands of the clocks began moving backwards, and all the compasses began pointing in the direction of East-Southeast. Then, from that direction, the highly magnetic robotic Terror-Beast Super Jikiro emerged from the bottom of the sea. The monster began to attack a ship, when suddenly Zone Fighter arrived to oppose it. Equipped with anti-Missile Might technology, Super Jikiro proves to be a strong adversary, and Zone Fighter soon finds himself at wits end. While attempting to drive himself to the hospital after the battle, Hikaru has a chance encounter with Junko Wakasugi, an intern at a hospital affiliated with the Space Medicine Research Institute. Junko takes him to surgery to treat his injuries. Following his recovery, Hikaru returns to the beach with Junko in search of fragments from Super Jikiro’s bodywork. After a brief encounter with Garoga agents, Hikaru is able to deliver the metal fragment from Super Jikiro to Yoichiro for examination. Back at the Space Medicine Research Institute, Hikaru prepares to undergo magnetic force opposition tissue transplant surgery. However, two of the doctor’s assistants are actually Garoga agents! Although the Garoga are stopped in time by Hotaru and Akira, the doctor is left with serious injuries. While able to talk Junko through the rest of Hikaru’s surgery, the doctor soon dies from his wounds. Having been entrusted by the doctor with information about the space medicine general meeting to be held in Okinawa, Junko boards a ship destined for the island. On board the ship, Junko is soon taken hostage by the Garoga, along with the ship’s crew. Under the sea, Hikaru pursues Super Jikiro in the Mighty Liner. As the Terror-Beast finally emerges once again, Hikaru transforms into Zone Fighter and protects the ship. Meanwhile, Zone Angel and Zone Junior land on the ship from Smokey and begin to fight off the Garoga and free the hostages. Equipped with the new Double Anti-Missile Might, Zone Fighter soon defeats Super Jikiro once and for all!


  • 1973-09-03T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

The Garoga launch a Terror-Beast Missile, and Hikaru follows it to its drop site at a scrap yard. As he arrives, he is ambushed by a group of Garoga. After fighting them off Hikaru leaves the scene. Later, Akira and his friends are led by another boy to a huge, beautiful garden which he claims exists through a secret door in an old warehouse. As they boys arrive, they find there really is a huge garden, and they spend the rest of the day playing there. Akira returns home late that evening covered in cuts, his clothes tattered and torn. He tells his family of the beautiful garden they found, but Hikaru insists that is where the Terror-Beast Missile landed and it was nothing but a scrap yard. Raita notices Akira has carried home a rose from the garden, and examines it using a special pair of glasses from planet Peaceland called Zone Glass, only to discover the rose is nothing but a bundle of barbed wire. Akira takes Hikaru and Hotaru to the garden, and by looking through the Zone Glass they see that the beautiful garden the children are playing in is actually the scrap yard. Akira tries his hardest to convince the other children to leave, but his effort proves futile. Back at the Sakimori home, Raita has determined that the Garoga have been using a hallucinogenic gas to deceive everyone. Using a special antidote Raita has prepared, Zone Fighter is successfully able to destroy the illusion cover the scrap yard. But as soon as this is done, the Terror-Beast Bakugon rises up from the ground! Transforming into his giant form, Zone Fighter opposes Bakugon, but the monster’s ability to create illusions makes this a particularly difficult battle for Zone Fighter. However, with the assistance of Hotaru and Akira in Smokey, Zone Fighter is finally triumphant over the Terror-Beast.

Caught in the mountains during a storm, two men hear a strange noise and see a strange light in the distance, then witness a line of people sleepwalking through the trees. One of the men, Hiroshi, tells his story to the Sakimori family while recovering in the hospital from injuries he received in the mountains. While Hikaru and Hotaru go to investigate the situation, they are both hit by an intense attack of fatigue, causing Hikaru to accidently drive the Mighty Liner over a cliff. Both Hikaru and Hotaru manage to survive the crash, and upon leaving the wreckage they both see the light and the mass of sleepwalking villagers just as Hiroshi had described. Hikaru and Hotaru join the end of the line and are led inside the Garoga’s base, but they are both quickly discovered. Too weak the transform, the two are strapped down to surgical tables as the Garoga reveal their latest plot; to use sound waves to hypnotize the people of Earth and transform them all into cyborgs! Just as Hikaru was about to be converted into a cyborg, Junior comes rushing in and saves the day, destroying the Garoga’s equipment. With the hypnosis sound waves now deactivated, Hikaru and Hotaru transform into Zone and Angel, and the three Zone children help the prisoners escape and drive off the Garoga. But as they all escape from the base, the Terror-Beast Needlar appears, obstructing their path! Fighter transforms into his giant size, and after a tough battle decapitates the monster and then destroys the Garoga base with his Proton Beam.

The Garoga launch a series of Terror-Beast Missiles towards the Okutama mountains, unleashing a whole army of monsters. Meanwhile, Hotaru and Hikaru’s friend Mina are walking through the mountains, as Hikaru is driving nearby. Suddenly, what appears to be an earthquake strikes the area. As Hikaru runs to the rescue of Hotaru and Mina, the Garoga begin shrinking the monsters and inserting them into small capsules. As they try to escape, Mina witnesses one of the Terror-Beasts through the tall trees. Soon after, the Garoga begin depositing the capsules around the neighborhood. The Sakimori’s discover three within their own trash can, and realize they contain micro-converted Terror-Beasts. After analysis, Hikaru comes to realize that the Terror-Beasts will revert to their true size within three hours. With the capsules scattered throughout the residential district, they agree they must quickly collect them all before they change back. However, Hikaru receives a call from Hotaru, informing him that one of the capsules is at Mina’s house. Hikaru arrives just in time, as the capsule explodes and the Terror-Beast Kabutogirah appears. After transforming into Zone Fighter and taking down the monster, Hikaru turns his attention towards the Okutama mountains, where the remaining capsules are due to explode. During a brief skirmish with the Garoga, Zone Fighter finds himself trapped under a boulder, as the Terror-Beasts are finally released. But suddenly Godzilla appears, and begins to fight off the other monsters! With help from Mina, Zone Fighter is able to get free, and transforms into his giant form to assist Godzilla in bringing down the remaining Terror-Beasts.


  • 1973-09-24T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

On Earth, humans have succeeded in developing a new kind of neutron energy with a destructive power far surpassing that of the hydrogen bomb, which a new team of Cobalt Garoga intend to steal! Their target is a man called Ishida, who works as a guard at the laboratory where the energy is being developed. Approaching Ishida’s son Ken on the street, one of the disguised Cobalt Garoga shoots rays into the boy’s eyes. Three hours later the boy feels intense pain in his eyes. Hikaru is driving past as Ishida attempts to take his son to the hospital, and offers to drive them there. After an examination, the doctor informs Ishida that Ken has lost his eyesight completely. Outside in private, the doctor tells Hikaru how the boy had earlier claimed to see a man with glowing yellow eyes. This information leads Hikaru to only one conclusion: Garoga! Later that evening, Ishida is approached with a proposition by the same man who blinded Ken. In return for the antidote to restore Ken’s eyesight, Ishida must steal the plans for the neutron energy. Ishida reluctantly agrees, and during his night shift the following evening he proceeds to steal the plans. As he attempts to leave with the plans the next morning, he is confronted by Hikaru, who warns him of the dangers of handing over the plans to the Garoga, when the two are suddenly attacked by the Cobalt Garoga. Kidnapping Ishida and taking him to the sea front, the Cobalt intend to break their agreement and kill Ishida, when suddenly Zone Fighter appears! A whole group of Cobalt Garoga appear and begin to attack Zone Fighter. Once defeated, the Garoga combine to form the giant Terror-Beast Grotogauros! After a tough battle, made harder by the monster’s ability to create illusions, Zone Fighter is able to defeat the monster, and with its destruction Ken’s eyesight is restored.