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Sherlock 2010


Top 250 TV shows, as rated by IMDB members. List updated daily.


Tv Series worth watching.

I only add series that I have watched myself, and feel that they are better than the average cookie cutter network type television.


The Trakt top 250 TV shows, based on popularity. List updated daily.


Shows with at least 75% rating on trakt (and enough votes). No documentaries, reality tv or anime.

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A collection of TV shows listed in various 'best of the decade' articles, with the default sort by the number of times they are mentioned


Highest Rated TV Series With At Least 5,000 Votes


A detective is an investigator, usually a member of a law enforcement agency. They often collect information to solve crimes by talking to witnesses and informants, collecting physical evidence, or searching records in databases. This leads them to arrest criminals and enable them to be convicted in court.
When you think of criminals, your first thought might be of someone awful like a murderer. But this word is a lot broader — Anyone who breaks the law is technically a criminal, even if the crime is just not paying a speeding ticket. You can also talk about criminal activities: things that are illegal. Lots of TV shows are about police officers and lawyers trying to catch criminals who are engaged in all kinds of exciting criminal activity. Crime Syndicate - a loose affiliation of gangsters in charge of organized criminal activities


The best TV series by user's ranking on


Anything else is not really worth your time.


Featuring a private investigator, aka a sleuth, shamus, gumshoe, P.I., private dick, private detective, inquiry agent etc


Canceled or ended shows.
Previous list was somehow deleted. This is an attempt to recreate it. However, it may take some time.


The 100 Greatest TV Series of the 21st Century (mainly US/UK) is a list compiled in October 2021 by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), chosen by a voting poll of 206 television experts (critics, journalists, academics and industry figures) from 43 countries.
It was compiled by collating the top ten series submitted by the experts who were asked to list the best series that began airing since the year 2000. Television that began in the 20th century but continued airing in the 21st century weren't eligible for inclusion (e.g. Doctor Who, South Park, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Sopranos). The third season of Twin Peaks (subtitled "The Return") is eligible due to it being commissioned as a stand-alone miniseries as opposed to a revival of the original series. Breaking Bad (#3) and The Good Wife (#33) are the only programmes to also have spin-off series place on the list, with Better Call Saul (#23) and The Good Fight (#47), respectively. Only 7 programmes do not fall under the scripted live action genre; four animated shows — BoJack Horseman (#11), Avatar: The Last Airbender (#61), Rick and Morty (#76) and Steven Universe (#99) — and three non-fiction shows — the reality competition series RuPaul's Drag Race (#67) and the non-fiction docuseries Planet Earth (#73) & O.J.: Made in America (#81). Damon Lindelof is the creator with the most shows on the list with three; The Leftovers (#7); Lost (#19) and Watchmen (#26).


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Just what currently showing on TV


TV series from United Kingdom & Ireland.


My personal list of Fictional Procedural Crime TV Shows. Most of these I have personally watched at least a few seasons of and/or I am working my way through. Some I have not started yet but I have heard good things about. There are also a few exceptions to the Procedural part (Broadchurch being a great example!) but the vast majority do fall under the definition.


Films and series that have a gothic aesthetic or themes.