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  • 2007-01-21T22:00:00+01:00 on E4
  • 45 mins
  • 15 hours, 45 mins (21 episodes)
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Reality
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Shipwrecked was a British reality television programme that aired on Channel 4's now defunct youth programming brand, T4 between 2000 and 2012. The original version ran for three series from 9 January 2000 to 19 December 2001 and was constructed as a social experiment, without a competitive format or prize.

The programme returned for four series from 8 January 2006 to 10 May 2009 in a new format, as Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands. It featured two teams competing with each other for new members, with the largest team winning a cash prize at the end.

The show's final series began on 23 October 2011 on E4, entitled Shipwrecked: The Island. On 22 May 2018, Channel 4 confirmed that the series would return on E4 with filming taking place in the summer.

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21 episodes

5x01 Episode 01

  • Season Premiere

    2007-01-21T22:00:00+01:00 — 45 mins

An introduction to our islanders who will make up the two tribes that will compete over the coming months. We get to see who is on what island and what they are going to do for sleeping arrangements.

5x02 Episode 02

  • 2007-01-28T22:00:00+01:00 — 45 mins

The first new arrival lands on the island and both tribes get to work on him. It’s also his birthday so what have the girls got in store for him? We also get to see the first beach party and which tribe will initially move ahead in the competition.

5x03 Episode 03

  • 2007-02-04T22:00:00+01:00 — 45 mins

Week three and it’s now time for both tribes to seriously think about their living arrangements if they are to win over new arrivals. Self proclaimed leader Lorenzo gets a dressing down from Will.

5x04 Episode 04

  • 2007-02-11T22:00:00+01:00 — 45 mins

With the end of month one coming up, divisions in camp are beginning to form so fun and games are to be had with the new arrival. What lengths will Joe go to for some food?

5x05 Episode 05

  • 2007-02-18T22:00:00+01:00 — 45 mins

Jo is the latest new arrival and has taken a particular liking to one of the Sharks. Also one member from each tribe gets the chance to spend the night on the opposing island. Will they be enticed to move islands at the beach party?

5x06 Episode 06

  • 2007-02-25T22:00:00+01:00 — 45 mins

The ever so cheeky chappy Ben Lunt arrives on Shipwrecked and is amazed at all the beautiful women. Both tribes have something to offer, male bonding and the undivided attention of the females. Which way will he sway?

5x07 Episode 07

  • 2007-03-04T22:00:00+01:00 — 45 mins

This week sees a theft on Shark Island; will there be dire consequences for the Tigers? Also the first pontoon race is had. Who will emerge victorious?

5x08 Episode 08

  • 2007-03-11T22:00:00+01:00 — 45 mins

Tiger Island is home to all the action this week as a new couple emerge and an argument occurs which causes a split in camp.

5x09 Episode 09

  • 2007-03-18T22:00:00+01:00 — 45 mins

The latest addition to the Tigers is putting himself up for camp leader and there are birthday celebrations to be had with a birthday on the Sharks.

5x10 Episode 10

  • 2007-03-25T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

The Sharks are given some shocking news by one of their own and a game of spin the bottle gets everyone excited.

5x11 Episode 11

  • 2007-04-01T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

After the shocking discovery the Sharks had last week, it’s time for the Tigers to discover a similar fate. To lighten the mood though, they announce the opening of their new bar.

5x12 Episode 12

  • 2007-04-08T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

Time for another pontoon race and after the Tigers won last time, can the Sharks get even? There are also plenty of games in store with the energetic new arrival!

5x13 Episode 13

  • 2007-04-15T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

It’s time once again for an island swap as one member from each tribe gets to spend the night on the rival island. Will the teams choose wisely?

5x14 Episode 14

  • 2007-04-22T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

This week it's all about reminiscing for the Tigers as they erect a monument to remember each of the individual Tiger members and also there is a break up in camp on Sharks...

5x15 Episode 15

  • 2007-04-29T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

Where do Francesca’s loyalties lie? The group needs to find out what’s going on. Elsewhere the Shark’s open up their bar to rival the Tiger’s one they made a few weeks earlier.

5x16 Episode 16

  • 2007-05-06T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

It’s time for the raft race between the two tribes. Both must build a raft from scratch, capable of holding all team members. Who will come out on top?

5x17 Episode 17

  • 2007-05-13T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

Conflict is the name of the game today as the men become tired of the girls’ efforts and they have a plan of their own to get revenge. Over with the Tigers and Fliss gets waited on hand and foot. Not everyone likes this idea though…

5x18 Episode 18

  • 2007-05-20T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

After the past few weeks, the Tigers have to wonder if they will be able to compete in the competition with only a few weeks remaining, luckily for them there is a way to get double what they asked for…

5x19 Episode 19- Final Week Pt. 1

  • 2007-05-27T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

With the Tigers now in with a chance, they are in much higher spirits and the arrival of a couple of familiar faces only helps brighten the mood. It’s also the beginning of the end for both tribes.

5x20 Episode 20- Final Week Pt. 2

  • 2007-06-03T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

With the final decision resting in the hands of two former ship wreckers, which tribe will win the money after spending 5 months on a desert island?

5x21 Episode 21- The Reunion Finale

  • 2007-06-10T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

A recap on the whole season with the highs and lows of both tribes. Also a look back at the candidates for 'Shipwrecker of the Year' and also the results of the vote.

Guest star: Miquita Oliver (Herself)

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