This one has some astoundingly good (and intimidating) guest stars, but it falls a little short for me. The whole thing is a bit too sedate for the story its trying to tell. Although, I appreciate that even though this was a Ferengi episode, the comedy was dialled back and this is more dramatic and serious. Steven Berkoff maybe overdoes it a bit, but that does serve to make the character of Hagath feel larger than life.

We finally meet Quark's cousin Gaila and he's pretty great to watch in his evil ways. I'm surprised Quark had nothing to say about the events of 'Little Green Men' when Gaila apparently tried to kill him, but I suppose the thought of all that profit pushed that from his mind.

The b-story with Miles and Kirayoshi is sweet but ultimately forgettable. I did like the moment when Worf almost refuses to hand the baby back to the Chief.

Quark again manages to get away with some pretty heinous crimes! Excellent scene when both Sisko and Kira warn him that he's walking a fine line now.

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