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The Rookie: Season 1

1x02 Crash Course

I hope this show gets renewed for a few seasons. It'll be cool seeing John rising through the ranks, eventually to becoming a detective, and all the struggles he encounters. It better happen.

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This show starts really strong and I love to see Melissa O'Neil so quickly after the way-too-soon-cancelled Dark Matter in a new show. She was a real badass in DM. So far this is my favorite new show this season by far.

Although, they need to cut back on the open harassment of Grey towards Nolan.
I don't think that's fun, appropriate or even acceptable. It doesn't add to the otherwise pretty good show and for me is annoying to watch.

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Being used to being a police officer, for the time being, he continues to convince me, we will continue to see

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Ugh... that whole investigation into the missing woman was so nonsensical that I have very little regret dropping this. Not that anything else was swaying me the other way anyways.

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Better than the pilot!! Why do all the Latin american women look the same????

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Shout by Alex
2018-10-24T18:11:06Z— updated 2018-10-27T08:36:25Z

Hah, that intro was fantastic. So far, so great, easily the best new show this season. Not too sure if I like John's thing with Lucy but... we'll see.

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I really like this show a lot. I like how they three TO's and Boots are bonding. The only thing the show needs is to cut back on the use of body and dashcams.

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