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This Is Us: Season 1

1x12 The Big Day

world's best dad, no doubt about it

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Cried like a motherfucker during this episode. My god, the show producers have exceptional talent in organzing story lines. Also, mad kudos to the scriptwriters.

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jack and rebecca are magnificent.. amazing parents and a great great couple... the best i have ever seen in any tv show and movie. This show makes us care SO much for them... and i guess this is where most of sadness that lies in this show, the reason i cry in every single episode... because we know how this couple ends. And is so sad and so real

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This might be an unpopular opinion, but I really start to dislike Rebecca. I truly believe she loves Jack and her children, but I never feel any connection to her. I try so hard to feel for her and a part of me can understand her, but too often she just comes off as distant, angry and annoyed by everything to me. I understand that this isn't the life she wanted or planned and maybe it even scares her how perfect Jack seems to be, but something about her attitude really rubs me the wrong way, especially after she yelled at Jack "But do not come back into this house until you've had a major attitude change."
I really hope we'll see some sacrifices she made for the family because so far Jack is on this really high pedestal while we haven't seen much else from her.

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