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Time to get your house in order 1969

  • Ended
  • Channel 4
  • 1 mins
  • Reality

How is it we can turn up to work on time and run our professional lives efficiently and effectively, yet when we arrive home all our organisational skills go out the window? Changing a duvet cover becomes a frustrating 20-minute process, getting the kids out to school causes havoc in the kitchen, and tackling the bathroom - well where do you start?

In this new series, Tim Hadcock-Mackay confronts the domestically challenged and seriously disorganised. A successful hotelier and businessman, Tim is a stickler for standards and efficiency, and he comes armed with insider knowledge from his years in the hotel trade.

In Tim's world, order is everything and time is money. His mission here is to wage war on the lazy, the slovenly and the disorganised, and to restore harmony to chaos-rich, time-poor households.

But has he met his match with our fantastically inefficient families? How will this time-and-motion expert cope when he comes face to face with some of the biggest time-wasters in the country, people who seem happiest when they're doing absolutely nothing at all?

Only time will tell...

1 season

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