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Veep: Season 1

1x06 Baseball

6.1/10. If there is one trope that I just instantly roll my eyes at in comedies, it's where the entire plot spins out from somebody misunderstanding/mishearing a conversation. It's just hacky stuff, so turning "repugnant" into "pregnant" kind of doomed the episode for me. The only real redeeming quality was Gary trying to talk up hanging with the Orioles to his Dad, and to a lesser extent, Jimmy Barret (with an assist from Jonah) as the photographer.

But the main bit with Selena being stuck with a bunch of food people at the Orioles stadium died on the vine pretty quickly, and Dan and Amy having to stall for time at an elementary school didn't do much either. There was some good acting from Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the close when she's trying to do "If Your Happy and You Know It" after being told that she's pregnant, but for the most part this was underwhelming.

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