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Mostly going off the fan wiki and interviews - still debating whether (and if so, when) to fit in things like the Deadpool movie.
If it's running more or less parallel (this primarily applies to Netflix series) I tend to fit it in before the corresponding Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episodes, not least because I generally prefer the Netflix output to AoS. Plus they're more accessible to me.


January: 159 Episodes
February : 113 Episodes
March : 124 Episodes
April : - Episodes

Number of different shows: 21

Shows started: 15
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S02B/P4
Cobra Kai S03
Blood of Zeus S01
Modern Family S02
Vikings S06B
Ratched S01
How I Met Your Mother S02
Dark S03
The Office S02
The Office S03
Better Call Saul S01
Better Call Saul S02
Better Call Saul S03
Berserk S01
Bonding S02
The Big Bang Theory S10
Attack on Titan S04
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S06
WandaVision S01

Shows finished: 6
Cobra Kai S03
True Detective S01
Ratched S01
The Expanse S05
Blood of Zeus S01
Vikings S06B
Dark S03
Bonding S02
The Office S02
The Office S03
Better Call Saul S01
Better Call Saul S02
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S06
WandaVision S01

List of shows :
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S02B/P4
Cobra Kai S03
Blood of Zeus S01
Modern Family S02
Vikings S06B
Ratched S01
How I Met Your Mother S02
Dark S03
The Office S02
True Detective S01
Better Call Saul S01
Better Call Saul S02
Better Call Saul S03
Berserk S01
The Big Bang Theory S10
Attack on Titan S04
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S06
WandaVision S01
The Expanse S05
Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works S01
Lucifer S02
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S02
Harley Quinn S02
Bonding S02


• My Stats - last updated 14th April, 10:35 PM [GMT]
        Episode Plays - 745
        Shows Watched - 39
            ↳ Shows Started - 26
                ↳ The Night Shift, Killing Eve, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Teen Wolf*, Lupin, Forever*, The Mentalist, Fate: The Winx Saga*, Carmen Sandiego, Game of Thrones,
                   Swedish Dicks, Avatar: The Last Airbender*, The Office, Happy!, Castlevania, Preacher, Bones, Resident Alien, Harrow, American Gods, Modern Family,
                   The Dresden Files, WandaVision*, NCIS, Norsemen, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
            ↳ Shows Continued - 13
                ↳ Mr. Iglesias*, The Boys, Criminal Minds, Brooklyn Nine-Nine*, iZombie, Evil, Chuck, Parks and Recreation*, Lucifer, Once Upon A Time, Doom Patrol,
                   The Vampire Diaries, Wynonna Earp
            ↳ Shows Finished - 7
                ↳ Mr. Iglesias*, Forever*, Brooklyn Nine-Nine*, Fate: The Winx Saga*, Avatar: The Last Airbender*, Parks and Recreation*, Teen Wolf*
        Movies Watched - 35
            ↳ New Movies - 19
                ↳ Skyfall, Dredd, Turbo, Tag, Tower Heist, Identity Thief, Evan Almighty, The BFG, True Memoirs of an International Assassin, Cinderella, Ferdinand,
                   Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, Next, Animals on the Loose: A You vs. Wild Interactive Movie, WALL·E, The Dark Tower, 100% Wolf, Seaspiracy,
                   Thunder Force
            ↳ Rewatched Movies - 16
                ↳ Assassin's Creed, Batman Begins, Baywatch, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Naked, Christopher Robin, Thor: Ragnarok, Doctor Strange, Avengers: Infinity War,
                   Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, The Avengers, Iron Man 3
        Total Watchtime - 19d 17h 47m
            ↳ Show Watchtime - 17d 1h 15m
            ↳ Movie Watchtime - 2d 16h 32m

• Overall Watch History - 780 items
        Skyfall [N]
        The Night Shift 1x01 [N]
        The Night Shift 1x02 [N]
        The Night Shift 1x03 [N]
        The Night Shift 1x04 [N]
        The Night Shift 1x05 [N]
        The Night Shift 1x06 [N]
        The Night Shift 1x07 [N]
        The Night Shift 1x08 [N]
        The Night Shift 2x01 [N]
        The Night Shift 2x02 [N]
        The Night Shift 2x03 [N]
        Criminal Minds 5x05 [N]
        Dredd [N]
        The Night Shift 2x04 [N]
        The Night Shift 2x05 [N]
        The Night Shift 2x06 [N]
        The Night Shift 2x07 [N]
        The Night Shift 2x08 [N]
        The Night Shift 2x09 [N]
        The Night Shift 2x10 [N]
        The Night Shift 2x11 [N]
        The Night Shift 2x12 [N]
        The Night Shift 2x13 [N]
        The Night Shift 2x14 [N]
        Mr. Iglesias 1x10 [N]
        Mr. Iglesias 2x01 [N]
        Turbo [N]
        Mr. Iglesias 2x02 [N]
        Mr. Iglesias 2x03 [N]
        Mr. Iglesias 2x04 [N]
        Mr. Iglesias 2x05 [N]
        Mr. Iglesias 2x06 [N]
        Mr. Iglesias 3x01 [N]
        Mr. Iglesias 3x02 [N]
        Mr. Iglesias 3x03 [N]
        Mr. Iglesias 3x04 [N]
        Mr. Iglesias 3x05 [N]
        Killing Eve 1x01 [N]
        Killing Eve 1x02 [N]
        Tag [N]
        The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance 1x01 [N]
        The Boys 1x07 [N]
        The Boys 1x08 [N]
        Teen Wolf 1x01 [R]
        Teen Wolf 1x02 [R]
        Lupin 1x01 [N]
        Criminal Minds 5x06 [N]
        Forever 1x01 [R]
        Forever 1x02 [R]
        Forever 1x03 [R]
        Forever 1x04 [R]
        Forever 1x05 [R]
        Forever 1x06 [R]
        Forever 1x07 [R]
        Forever 1x08 [R]
        Forever 1x08 [R]
        Forever 1x08 [R]
        Forever 1x09 [R]
        Forever 1x10 [R]
        Forever 1x11 [R]
        Forever 1x12 [R]
        Forever 1x13 [R]
        Forever 1x14 [R]
        Forever 1x15 [R]
        Forever 1x16 [R]
        Forever 1x17 [R]
        Forever 1x18 [R]
        Forever 1x19 [R]
        Forever 1x20 [R]
        Forever 1x21 [R]
        Forever 1x22 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x21 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x22 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x01 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x02 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x03 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x04 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x05 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x06 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x07 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x08 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x09 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x10 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x11 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x12 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x13 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x14 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x15 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x16 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x17 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x18 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x19 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x20 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x21 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x22 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x01 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x02 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x03 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x04 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x05 [R]
        Lupin 1x02 [N]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x06 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x07 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x08 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x09 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x10 [R]
        Assassin's Creed [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x11 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x12 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x13 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x14 [R]
        Tower Heist [N]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x15 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x16 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x17 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x18 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7x01 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7x02 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7x03 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7x04 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7x05 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7x06 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7x07 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7x08 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7x09 [R]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7x10 [N]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7x11 [N]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7x12 [N]
        Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7x13 [N]
        Identity Thief [N]
        Evan Almighty [N]
        Legion 1x01 [N]
        The Mentalist 1x01 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x02 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x03 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x04 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x05 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x06 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x07 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x08 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x09 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x10 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x11 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x12 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x13 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x14 [R]
        The BFG [N]
        The Mentalist 1x15 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x16 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x17 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x18 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x19 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x20 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x21 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x22 [R]
        The Mentalist 1x23 [R]
        The Mentalist 2x01 [R]
        The Mentalist 2x02 [R]
        The Mentalist 2x03 [R]
        The Mentalist 2x04 [R]
        The Mentalist 2x05 [R]
        Batman Begins [R]
        The Mentalist 2x06 [R]
        The Mentalist 2x07 [R]
        The Mentalist 2x08 [R]
        The Mentalist 2x09 [R]
        The Mentalist 2x10 [R]
        The Mentalist 2x11 [R]
        The Mentalist 2x12 [R]
        The Mentalist 2x13 [R]
        The Mentalist 2x14 [R]
        The Mentalist 2x15 [R]
        iZombie 2x12 [N]
        The Mentalist 2x16 [R]
        iZombie 2x13 [N]
        Evil 1x04 [N]
        The Mentalist 2x17 [R]
        The Mentalist 2x18 [R]
        The Mentalist 2x19 [R]
        The Mentalist 2x20 [R]
        The Mentalist 2x21 [R]
        Chuck 4x05 [N]
        Fate: The Winx Saga 1x01 [N]
        Fate: The Winx Saga 1x02 [N]
        Fate: The Winx Saga 1x03 [N]
        Fate: The Winx Saga 1x04 [N]
        Fate: The Winx Saga 1x05 [N]
        Fate: The Winx Saga 1x06 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 3x02 [N]
        iZombie 2x14 [N]
        iZombie 2x15 [N]
        iZombie 2x16 [N]
        iZombie 2x17 [N]
        iZombie 2x18 [N]
        iZombie 2x19 [N]
        The Mentalist 2x22 [R]
        iZombie 3x01 [N]
        iZombie 3x02 [N]
        iZombie 3x03 [N]
        iZombie 3x04 [N]
        iZombie 3x05 [N]
        iZombie 3x06 [N]
        Carmen Sandiego 1x01 [N]
        iZombie 3x07 [N]
        Game of Thrones 1x01 [N]
        Swedish Dicks 1x01 [N]
        Swedish Dicks 1x02 [N]
        Swedish Dicks 1x03 [N]
        The Mentalist 2x23 [R]
        The Mentalist 3x01 [R]
        The Mentalist 3x02 [R]
        The Mentalist 3x03 [R]
        The Mentalist 3x04 [R]
        The Mentalist 3x05 [R]
        The Mentalist 3x06 [R]
        The Mentalist 3x07 [R]
        The Mentalist 3x08 [R]
        The Mentalist 3x09 [R]
        The Mentalist 3x10 [R]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x01 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x02 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x03 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x04 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x05 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x06 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x07 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x08 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x09 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x10 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x11 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x10 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x11 [N]
        The Office 1x01 [R]
        The Office 1x02 [R]
        The Mentalist 3x11 [R]
        Cinderella [N]
        Ferdinand [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x12 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x13 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x14 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x15 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x16 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x17 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x18 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x19 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 1x20 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x01 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x02 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x03 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x04 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x05 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x06 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x07 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x08 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x09 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x10 [N]
        Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life [N]
        Next [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x11 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x12 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x13 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x14 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x15 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x16 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x17 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x18 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x19 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x20 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x01 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x02 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x03 [N]
        Lucifer 4x09 [R]
        Lucifer 4x10 [R]
        Lucifer 5x01 [R]
        Lucifer 5x02 [R]
        Lucifer 5x03 [R]
        Lucifer 5x04 [R]
        Lucifer 5x05 [R]
        Lucifer 5x06 [R]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x04 [N]
        Happy! 1x01 [N]
        Baywatch [R]
        Happy! 1x02 [N]
        Happy! 1x03 [N]
        Spider-Man: Far From Home [R]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x05 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x06 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x07 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x08 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x09 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x10 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x11 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x12 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 3x03 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 3x04 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 3x05 [N]
        Lucifer 5x07 [R]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x13 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x14 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x15 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x16 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x17 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x18 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x19 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x20 [N]
        Avatar: The Last Airbender 3x21 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 1x11 [N]
        The Mentalist 3x12 [R]
        The Mentalist 3x13 [R]
        Parks and Recreation 3x06 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 3x07 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 3x08 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 3x09 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 3x10 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 3x11 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 3x12 [N]
        Doom Patrol 2x02 [N]
        Doom Patrol 2x03 [N]
        Doom Patrol 2x04 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 3x13 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 3x14 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 3x15 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 3x16 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x01 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x02 [N]
        Naked [R]
        Castlevania 1x01 [N]
        Castlevania 1x02 [N]
        Castlevania 1x03 [N]
        Castlevania 1x04 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x03 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x04 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x05 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x06 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x07 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x08 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x09 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x10 [N]
        Animals on the Loose: A You vs. Wild Interactive Movie [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x11 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x12 [N]
        The Mentalist 3x14 [R]
        The Mentalist 3x15 [R]
        The Mentalist 3x16 [R]
        The Mentalist 3x17 [R]
        Parks and Recreation 4x13 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x14 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x15 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x16 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x17 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x18 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x19 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x20 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x21 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x22 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 4x22 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x01 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x02 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x03 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x04 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x05 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x06 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x07 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x08 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x09 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x10 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x11 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x12 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x13 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x14 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x15 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x16 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x17 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x18 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x19 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x20 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x21 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 5x22 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x01 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x02 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x03 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x04 [N]
        Preacher 1x01 [N]
        Preacher 1x02 [N]
        WALL·E [N]
        Christopher Robin [R]
        Parks and Recreation 6x05 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x06 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x07 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x08 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x09 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x10 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x11 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x12 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x13 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x14 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x15 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x16 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x17 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x18 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x19 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x20 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x21 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 6x22 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 7x01 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 7x02 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 7x03 [N]
        Preacher 1x03 [N]
        Preacher 1x04 [N]
        Preacher 1x05 [N]
        The Mentalist 3x18 [R]
        Bones 1x01 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 7x04 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 7x05 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 7x06 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 7x07 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 7x08 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 7x09 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 7x10 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 7x11 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 7x12 [N]
        Parks and Recreation 7x13 [N]
        The Vampire Diaries 4x16 [N]
        The Night Shift 3x01 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 1x12 [N]
        Carmen Sandiego 1x03 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 1x13 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 1x14 [N]
        Wynonna Earp 1x03 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 1x15 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 1x16 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 1x17 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 1x18 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 1x19 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 1x20 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 1x21 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 1x22 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x01 [N]
        Teen Wolf 1x03 [R]
        Teen Wolf 1x04 [R]
        Resident Alien 1x01 [N]
        Resident Alien 1x02 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x02 [N]
        Carmen Sandiego 1x04 [N]
        Teen Wolf 1x05 [R]
        Teen Wolf 1x06 [R]
        Teen Wolf 1x07 [R]
        Teen Wolf 1x08 [R]
        Teen Wolf 1x09 [R]
        Teen Wolf 1x10 [R]
        Teen Wolf 1x11 [R]
        Teen Wolf 1x12 [R]
        Teen Wolf 2x01 [R]
        Teen Wolf 2x02 [R]
        Teen Wolf 2x03 [R]
        Teen Wolf 2x04 [R]
        Teen Wolf 2x05 [R]
        Teen Wolf 2x06 [R]
        Teen Wolf 2x07 [R]
        Teen Wolf 2x08 [R]
        Teen Wolf 2x09 [R]
        Teen Wolf 2x10 [R]
        Teen Wolf 2x11 [R]
        Teen Wolf 2x12 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x01 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x02 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x03 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x04 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x05 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x06 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x07 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x08 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x09 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x10 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x11 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x12 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x13 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x14 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x15 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x16 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x17 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x18 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x19 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x20 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x21 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x22 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x23 [R]
        Teen Wolf 3x24 [R]
        Teen Wolf 4x01 [R]
        Teen Wolf 4x02 [R]
        Teen Wolf 4x03 [R]
        Teen Wolf 4x04 [R]
        Teen Wolf 4x05 [R]
        Teen Wolf 4x06 [R]
        Teen Wolf 4x07 [R]
        Teen Wolf 4x08 [R]
        Teen Wolf 4x09 [R]
        Teen Wolf 4x10 [R]
        Teen Wolf 4x11 [R]
        Teen Wolf 4x12 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x01 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x02 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x03 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x04 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x05 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x06 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x07 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x08 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x09 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x10 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x11 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x12 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x13 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x14 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x15 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x16 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x17 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x18 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x19 [R]
        Teen Wolf 5x20 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x01 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x02 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x03 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x04 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x05 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x06 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x07 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x08 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x09 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x10 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x11 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x12 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x13 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x14 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x15 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x16 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x17 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x18 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x19 [R]
        Teen Wolf 6x20 [R]
        Harrow 1x01 [N]
        Harrow 1x02 [N]
        The Dark Tower [N]
        100% Wolf [N]
        American Gods 1x01 [N]
        American Gods 1x02 [N]
        American Gods 1x03 [N]
        American Gods 1x04 [N]
        American Gods 1x05 [N]
        American Gods 1x06 [N]
        American Gods 1x07 [N]
        American Gods 1x08 [N]
        American Gods 2x01 [N]
        American Gods 2x02 [N]
        American Gods 2x03 [N]
        American Gods 2x04 [N]
        American Gods 2x05 [N]
        American Gods 2x06 [N]
        American Gods 2x07 [N]
        American Gods 2x08 [N]
        American Gods 3x01 [N]
        American Gods 3x02 [N]
        American Gods 3x03 [N]
        American Gods 3x04 [N]
        American Gods 3x05 [N]
        American Gods 3x06 [N]
        Thor: Ragnarok [R]
        The Mentalist 3x19 [R]
        Modern Family 1x01 [N]
        Modern Family 1x02 [N]
        Modern Family 1x03 [N]
        Modern Family 1x04 [N]
        Modern Family 1x05 [N]
        Modern Family 1x06 [N]
        Modern Family 1x07 [N]
        Modern Family 1x08 [N]
        Modern Family 1x09 [N]
        Modern Family 1x10 [N]
        Modern Family 1x11 [N]
        Modern Family 1x12 [N]
        Modern Family 1x13 [N]
        Modern Family 1x14 [N]
        Modern Family 1x15 [N]
        Modern Family 1x16 [N]
        Modern Family 1x17 [N]
        Modern Family 1x18 [N]
        Modern Family 1x19 [N]
        Modern Family 1x20 [N]
        Modern Family 1x21 [N]
        Modern Family 1x22 [N]
        Modern Family 1x23 [N]
        Modern Family 1x24 [N]
        Modern Family 2x01 [N]
        Modern Family 2x02 [N]
        Modern Family 2x03 [N]
        Modern Family 2x04 [N]
        Modern Family 2x05 [N]
        Modern Family 2x06 [N]
        Modern Family 2x07 [N]
        Modern Family 2x08 [N]
        Modern Family 2x09 [N]
        Modern Family 2x10 [N]
        Modern Family 2x11 [N]
        Modern Family 2x12 [N]
        Modern Family 2x13 [N]
        Modern Family 2x14 [N]
        Modern Family 2x15 [N]
        Modern Family 2x16 [N]
        Modern Family 2x17 [N]
        Modern Family 2x18 [N]
        Modern Family 2x19 [N]
        Modern Family 2x20 [N]
        Modern Family 2x21 [N]
        Modern Family 2x22 [N]
        Modern Family 2x23 [N]
        Modern Family 2x24 [N]
        Modern Family 3x01 [N]
        Modern Family 3x02 [N]
        Modern Family 3x03 [N]
        Modern Family 3x04 [N]
        Modern Family 3x05 [N]
        Doctor Strange [R]
        Modern Family 3x06 [N]
        Modern Family 3x07 [N]
        Modern Family 3x08 [N]
        Modern Family 3x09 [N]
        Modern Family 3x10 [N]
        Modern Family 3x11 [N]
        Modern Family 3x12 [N]
        Modern Family 3x13 [N]
        Modern Family 3x14 [N]
        Modern Family 3x15 [N]
        Modern Family 3x16 [N]
        Modern Family 3x17 [N]
        Modern Family 3x18 [N]
        Modern Family 3x19 [N]
        Modern Family 3x20 [N]
        Modern Family 3x21 [N]
        Modern Family 3x22 [N]
        Modern Family 3x23 [N]
        Modern Family 3x24 [N]
        Modern Family 4x01 [N]
        Modern Family 4x02 [N]
        Modern Family 4x03 [N]
        Modern Family 4x04 [N]
        Modern Family 4x05 [N]
        Modern Family 4x06 [N]
        Modern Family 4x07 [N]
        Modern Family 4x08 [N]
        Modern Family 4x09 [N]
        Modern Family 4x10 [N]
        Modern Family 4x11 [N]
        Modern Family 4x12 [N]
        Modern Family 4x13 [N]
        Modern Family 4x14 [N]
        Modern Family 4x15 [N]
        Modern Family 4x16 [N]
        Modern Family 4x17 [N]
        Modern Family 4x18 [N]
        Modern Family 4x19 [N]
        Modern Family 4x20 [N]
        Modern Family 4x21 [N]
        Modern Family 4x22 [N]
        Modern Family 4x23 [N]
        Modern Family 4x24 [N]
        Modern Family 5x01 [N]
        Modern Family 5x02 [N]
        The Dresden Files 1x01 [N]
        Modern Family 5x03 [N]
        Avengers: Infinity War [R]
        Modern Family 5x04 [N]
        Modern Family 5x05 [N]
        Modern Family 5x06 [N]
        WandaVision 1x01 [N]
        WandaVision 1x02 [N]
        WandaVision 1x03 [N]
        WandaVision 1x04 [N]
        WandaVision 1x05 [N]
        WandaVision 1x06 [N]
        WandaVision 1x07 [N]
        WandaVision 1x08 [N]
        WandaVision 1x09 [N]
        NCIS 1x01 [N]
        Modern Family 5x07 [N]
        Modern Family 5x08 [N]
        Modern Family 5x09 [N]
        Modern Family 5x10 [N]
        Modern Family 5x11 [N]
        Modern Family 5x12 [N]
        Norsemen 1x01 [N]
        Modern Family 5x13 [N]
        Modern Family 5x14 [N]
        Modern Family 5x15 [N]
        Modern Family 5x16 [N]
        Modern Family 5x17 [N]
        Modern Family 5x18 [N]
        Modern Family 5x19 [N]
        The Mentalist 3x20 [R]
        The Mentalist 3x21 [R]
        The Mentalist 3x22 [R]
        The Mentalist 3x23 [R]
        NCIS 1x02 [N]
        The Mentalist 3x24 [R]
        The Mentalist 4x01 [R]
        The Mentalist 4x02 [R]
        The Mentalist 4x03 [R]
        The Mentalist 4x04 [R]
        The Mentalist 4x05 [R]
        The Mentalist 4x06 [R]
        The Mentalist 4x07 [R]
        The Mentalist 4x08 [R]
        The Mentalist 4x09 [R]
        The Mentalist 4x10 [R]
        Captain America: The First Avenger [R]
        Captain Marvel [R]
        Iron Man [R]
        Iron Man 2 [R]
        Thor [R]
        The Avengers [R]
        Iron Man 3 [R]
        Seaspiracy [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x03 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x04 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x05 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x06 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x07 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x08 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x09 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x10 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x11 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x12 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x13 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x14 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x15 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x16 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x17 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x18 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x19 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x20 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x21 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 2x22 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x01 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x02 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x03 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x04 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x05 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x06 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x07 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x08 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x09 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x10 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x11 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x01 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x02 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x03 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x04 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x05 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x06 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x07 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x08 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x09 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x10 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x11 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x12 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x13 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x14 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x15 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x16 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x17 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x18 [N]
        Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 1x19 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x12 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x13 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x14 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x15 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x16 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x17 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x18 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x19 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x20 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x21 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 3x22 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 4x01 [N]
        Once Upon a Time 4x02 [N]
        Thunder Force [N]


January: () total 184 episodes
February: () total 159 episodes
March: 145 episodes

Number of different shows: 46

Shows started: 5
Dawson's Creek, Fate: The Winx Saga, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, WandaVision, The Wilds

Shows finished: 5
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Friday Night Lights, The Man in the High Castle, Vikings, Wynonna Earp

List of shows:
A Discovery of Witches S02
All American S03
American Gods S03
Batwoman S02
Black-ish S07
Black Lightning S04
The Blacklist S08
Boy Meets World S03
Bull S05
Charmed S03
Chicago Fire S07, S08
Chicago Med S05
Chicago PD S06, S07
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S02
Dawson's Creek S01
Dickinson S02
ER S12
Euphoria S01
The Expanse S05
For All Mankind S02
The Good Doctor S04
Grown-ish S03
Legacies S03
Manifest S03
Mixed-ish S02
The Order S02
REWATCH: The Originals S02, S03
The Outpost S03
Riverdale S05
Shameless S09
Star Trek Discovery S03
Supergirl S06
This Is Us S05
REWATCH: The Vampire Diaries S06, S07
Vikings S06
The Walking Dead S10
WandaVision S01
The West Wing S02
The Wilds S01
Young Sheldon S04


This list is ordered chronologicaly, This means each item in this list is in order of when it happened on the time line.

This list contains all Movies, Shows & One Shots.

I reccomend setting filter settings to, "Fade: Watched" & "Hide: Unreleased"


133 | 126 | 185
133 | 259 | 444


JAN - 103 episodes watched
FEB - 86 episodes watched
MAR - 153 episodes watched

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Episodes released in 2021


Monthly Stats:

Shows Watched: 1
Shows Finished: 1

New shows started:

Ended shows completed: The Queen's Gambit

NCIS: S13x01 -
The Queen's Gambit: S01x04 - S01x07
Saturday Night Live: S46x10
WandaVision: S01x01 -


List of episodes I've watched in 2021.

January: 151 (1-151)
February: 168 (152-319)
March: 208 (320-527)
April: --- (528-)



• Primeros s6is meses:
• Últimos s6is meses:


January: 115 Episodes
February: 110 Episodes
March: 6 Episodes (as of 9-1-1 S04E07)

Number of Total Shows: 32

New Shows Started: 8
- Bump
- Don't Trust the B- In Apartment 23
- Holey Moley (AU)
- Holey Moley (US)
- Legends
- Pixar Popcorn
- The Hills: New Beginnings
- WandaVision


Television episodes I have watched/re-watched in 2021.


All episodes I have seen in 2021


Shows & Movies I watched in the year 2021


Yearly Stats (As of 4/13/21)

Episodes Plays - 848
Episodes per Month - 212.0
Episodes per Week - 56.5
Episodes per Day - 8.2

Monthly Stats

Jan - 231 Episodes
Feb - 260 Episodes
Mar - 291 Episodes
Apr - In Progress
May -
June -
July -
Aug -
Sept -
Oct -
Nov -
Dec -

New Shows Started: 14
Chicago Fire, Chicago Justice, Chicago Med, Chicago P.D., Daimdaler: Prince vs. Penguin Empire, Darling in the FranXX, The Equalizer, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The Mentalist, Prison School, Superman & Lois, Walker, WandaVision, Young Rock

Ending Shows Completed: 5
Chicago Justice, Daimdaler: Prince vs Penguin Empire, Prison School (May Re-new), The Mentalist, WandaVision

1. Watched Entire Series of The Mentalist.
2. Watched Chicago One Shows in In Universe Chronological Order (Shows included Chicago Fire, PD, Med, Justice, Law and Order SVU, & FBI)
3. Premiere of the Marvel Disney+ Shows

Total Series Watched: 46

Series Watched:
All American - S3x01 -
AEW: Dynamite - S3x01 -
Batwoman - S2x01 -
Bitchin' Rides - S7x10 - S7x14
Black Lightning - S4x01 -
The Blacklist - S08x03 -
Bull - S5x05 -
Chicago Fire - S1x01 -
Chicago Justice - S1x01 - S1x13 (Series Finale)
Chicago Med - S1x01 -
Chicago P.D. - S1x01 -
Daimidaler: Prince vs. Penguin Empire - S1x01 - S1x12 (Series Finale)
Darling in the FranXX - S1x01 -
The Equalizer - S1x01 -
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - S1x01 -
Family Guy - S19x10 -
FBI - S3x04 -
FBI: Most Wanted - S2x04 -
Flash - S7x01 -
Highschool DxD - S2x07 - S4x12
Law & Order: Organized Crime - S1x01 -
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - S15x15, S16x07, S16x20, S17x14
MacGuyver - S5x04 -
Magnum P.I. - S3x04 -
Mayans M.C. - S3x01 -
The Mentalist - S1x01 - S7x13 (Series Finale)
NCIS - S18x04 -
NCIS: Los Angeles - S12x07 -
NCIS: New Orleans - S7x05 -
New Amsterdam - S3x01 -
Pokemon - 11x05 -
Prison School - S1x01 - S1x12 (Series Finale)
Prodigal Son - S2x01
Ridiculousness - S19x24 -
Riverdale - S5x01 -
The Rookie - S3X01 -
S.W.A.T - S4x07 -
Seal Team - S4x05 -
Supergirl - S6x01
Superman & Lois - S1x01 -
Teen Titans Go! - S6x37 -
Walker - S1x01 -
WandaVision - S1x01 - S1x09 (Series Finale)
Yellowstone (Re-watch Seasons 1 & 2) - S1x04 - S3x10
Young Rock - S1x01 -

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