"They all wear suits" was just a joke ;D

Well... "business" can be interpreted in many ways - e.g. "The Godfather" business means organised crime. If your personal business is to make people happy I could put http://trakt.tv/movie/patch-adams-1998 onto the list :)
"Bucket List" has probably the least to do with business - they just travel around the world and have fun...

The main idea of the list is:
1. movies as inspiration to start something you've always wanted to do
2. movies about business and organisations
3. movies as inspiration showing what you 'could' work for


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Isn't the word definition always affiliated with business/money (it is in your list's title :D)?

Regarding 12 Angry Men: Not everyone is wearing a suit in that + it's not about money or business.
Men on Wire might be about a personal accomplishment but again has no business invovled.

I figured I'd ask you, it's still your list and you free to add what you like.

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Because the internet says so - and the internet never lies ;D

"12 Angry Men" because (it's bad example) of teamwork + they all wear suits ;D
"Man on Wire" overcomming your fears and do the impossible, no matter the naysayers telling you, you can't do it.

Thanks for looking by ^^

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I'm not sure why "12 Angry Men" and "Man on Wire" are in the list :o?

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