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Delta Eridani


I loved The Expendables, and enjoyed parts 2 & 3, but this film killed the franchise for me. 50 Cent and Megan Fox were horrible, Jacod Scipio was annoying with his over the top impression of Antonio Banderas, and honestly the rest of the cast just seemed to be phoning it in for the paycheck.

The plot was ridiculous even for this type of film, plot holes so big you could sail a poor excuse for a fake aircraft carrier through. Honestly if you can't figure out who the villain is and "surprise" before you're half way through the film then your not paying attention. The writing was just bad, jokes fell flat, and the dialog didn't mesh with the scene half the time. The cuts and vfx were bad, to much shaky cam, to many cuts back and forth, and my god the effects....the effects looked like something out of a 1995 direct to video SciFi film.

I hope for the sake of the franchise this films kills it and we can all just pretend like it ever happened. Do yourself a favor and skip this disaster and go back and re-watch the original.

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Triple 9

The production budget for this film was $20,000,000. I assume $19,999,980 was spent on casting and production, and $20 was spent on writing. This film is a well acted poorly written mess. The filmography needed work, it was just to dark to see what was going on at times, and I was watching this in a darkened room on a large TV. And the audio was difficult to hear at times even with my soundbar turned up higher than normal.

Completely forgettable, and not worth the time spend to view it. Watch Heat (1995) or Den of Thieves (2018) rather than waste any time on this.

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The Blacklist: 8x22 Konets