Wei Cheng


Shenzhen, China

Alice in Borderland: 2x07 Episode 7

Honestly, I feel not too bad when everyone got hurt, but after Kuina got stabbed several times by that knife, Jesus, heartbroken!

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The Mist: 1x05 The Waiting Room

Still can not understand why they need go to the operating room, till the end, the surgery just used some simple tools, even those tools are necessary and only the operating room has them, why not just go to get those tools and turn back? Can’t figure out why they must go there.

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Eat Pray Love

From a purely film perspective, this movie is very ordinary, maybe I should give it just 6/10.

BUT, I don’t know how, just, it could touched me, in so many ways. Even, I take it as my bible of life, because every time I felt bad, I could always trusted to rewatch this film and find peace and hope. I love that. So, I voted 9/10, by personal reasons.

Not recommend this film to everyone, but people who’s introverted character (but like to met new friends) and also fancy in travel, I still will try to ask if he/she would join me to watch this.

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Echo 3: 1x03 The Gambler

Don’t yelling dear, keep hugging :sweat:

About Eric, really? A professional man can’t help to makes HUG as primary moves in a rescue operation?

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Emily in Paris: 3x10 Charade

Jesus! There’s Season 4 still? I’m tired dear Emily…

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Breaking Fast

Not a bad movie, but too much like a fairy tale.

Well, I don't have any experience of LOVE, so maybe I am just too ignorant.

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Game of Thrones: 7x04 The Spoils of War

I just want to say, Jamie please just kill your sister. You are not a bad man truly. Just kill your sister as you killed the mad king. You do not deserve dead for your sister ok? Even I can feel that your sister is a poor woman too, but she already falls in crazy. I really can saw many good stuff in your inside. I do wish you could be together with my ”big beauty”.

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This movie is amazing! And It’s make me thinking about many things. Both sides all have their opinions and reasons. I’m not a vegetarian in fact, so I will confuse in sometime, whatever, it’s is what gonna happens every moment in nature, killing and eating, somewhere like some place of China, still have people doing eat dogs, I did eat dog when I was child, I don’t know where is it from and what is it, but when I’m grower, I never try it again, actually people who eat dogs are lesser, but till this movie, let we focus to pigs, if, some days pigs turning more like dogs in true life? And cows? Even the fish? Should we turn those lions tigers to eat vegetables? Whatever, there still have too much hunters to killing animals life and not because their need food, but for clothes and something else, I think we should fix those situation first.

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The Last of Us: 1x01 When You're Lost in the Darkness

If I’m a fan of the game, I think I would leave 9 stars. But, no matter what, 8 stars is good enough already. Expecting the next episode.

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The Menu

The story is indeed novel. In recent years, there have been fewer and fewer movies that tell stories well. I can give 8 star for short term. Considering that I'm unlikely to update the score later, I'd better leave a 7.

I’ll recommend to friends for spending their free time.

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Reborn Rich

Lee sung-min's acting skills are great, especially in the scene in the elevator, which is quite excellent.

About Do-Jun or I could directly say Song Joong-ki, the reason I don’t like him is because he always pouting, it’s not the only way to show that you are very immature and innocent. Honestly, I will feel goose bumps every time when he pouting.

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The Three-Body Problem: Season 1

After first two episodes, I still holding some hope on it, but after I finished episode 3, well, i don’t know what to say about this show.

About rest episodes? Their only function is to waste the audience's time.

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Echo 3

An inexplicable and dispensable farce. Too many plot designs make me feel uncomfortable and a little wasted of time.

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Echo 3: 1x05 We Reject Your Influence

After all those activities Amber makes, including yelling & joking those people who had she, also, she keeping showing off some weird inner pride, hard to believe she didn’t get even one punch or one slap on the face.

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His Dark Materials: Season 3

Don’t like this season, too much things didn’t explain or rushed too fast.

But there’s a weird thing which I popped tears for Marisa’s death.

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The Handmaid's Tale: 5x08 Motherland

I really like this show, but, I really hope it could be end sooner.

I mean, even me at age just 28, i could watch many of kind of horror movies and shows, but once I started to play this show, too much emotions keep attack my heart, hard to take. I was wanted to share it to my mum, but after all these seasons, I don't know if she could easily accept things happened in this show.

Really, I love this show, just, less suffer, of June, and all women like her.

Btw, Serena is my favorite character in this show, because June's path of this show is clearly, since beginning, but Serena, too many mind changing. there's just two ep. left of this season, so I think there's one season more, I expecting and believing Serena would do something amazing.

Anyway, back to the beginning of my comment, plz make Season 6 as the last season of THE HANDMAID'S TALE :(

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The Last Ship: 5x04 Tropic of Cancer

Poor Alisha, poor Alisha, poor Alisha

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Game of Thrones: 7x03 The Queen's Justice

Oh my gosh the roses all gone? Can'tbelieveit !

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Westworld: 1x07 Trompe L'Oeil

Gosh! So did Ford knew the Secret between Bo & Do?

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