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Trakt is a bootstrapped startup, directly funded by VIP memberships. Thousands of apps are powered by Trakt, most free to use! Your VIP membership hides all advertising, pays for servers, and unlocks some awesome VIP only features!


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VIP Features

Unlock the full potential of your Trakt account.

Support Our Community

Thousands of apps are powered by Trakt, most free to use. VIP helps pay for servers and other costs.

No Advertising

Hide all advertising and sponsors throughout the website and official apps.

Year in Review POPULAR

Lots of stats for every year you've been a member, including 2022! See what it looks like.

All Time Stats POPULAR

All of your stats over the years, combined and visualized! See what it looks like.

iCal Feeds POPULAR

TV and movie calendars plus any user's history, collection, ratings, lists, and comments. More info.

RSS Feeds for IFTTT

Create recipes in IFTTT for any user's history, collection, ratings, lists, and comments. More info.

CSV Exports

Get a CSV for any user's history, collected, ratings, lists, and comments. More info.

Watch Now Filtering IMPROVED

Filter the calendar, TV, and movie sections + your lists, history, collection, and ratings by hundreds of streaming services. More info.

Advanced Filtering POPULAR

Filter the calendar, TV, and movie sections by genre, certification, language, country, network, year, runtime and rating. More info.

Calendar Notifications

Daily and weekly email digests of your personal calendar. Never miss another show or movie! More info.

Watch Now Favorites

Optionally display watch now icons only when streaming on your favorites. More info.

Progress Reset

Reset a show's progress and track rewatches from your progress page and dashboard up next.

Advanced List Progress NEW

View detailed watched progress for any of your personal lists. This is a great way to customize your progress page.

Custom Calendars

Subscribe to your own and other user's lists to create custom calendars. More info.

Copy List Items IMPROVED

Copy list items (even from other users) into your own lists. Get a quick start instead of starting from scratch.

Plex Scrobbler IMPROVED

Setup your Plex Media Server to scrobble what you're watching, rating, and collecting using Plex Pass webhooks. More info.


You'll be identified as a VIP throughout the site. Members for 2+ years will have an extra badge.

Profile Header Image

Choose your favorite movie, TV show, season or episode and make it your profile header image.


Image and embeddable widgets to share your profile stats and what you're watching. More info.

Dark Knight Mode

Dark theme for the entire Trakt website. More info.

Amazon Alexa BETA

Ask what's on TV today or what's in theaters, using your voice. More info.

Trigger Data Refreshes

Refresh any show or movie and help keep Trakt up to date.


Private VIP only forums (powered by Discourse) to discuss all things Trakt related. View the forums.

Standard Features

Your Trakt account comes with all this too.

Official iOS AppNEW

Track, add to lists, discover, find where to watch, see what's up next, get recommendations, and lots more! Free in the app store.

Automatically scrobble what you're watching

All the popular media centers have plugins. More info.

Manually check in from the website and mobile apps

This is great when you're AFMC (away from media center). More info.

Full history of everything you've watched

Backfill your history by sycning your media center and mobile apps. More info.

Watch now links

Find where to watch TV & movies on hundreds of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and iTunes in 106 countries. More info.

Buy movie ticketsNEW

Find movie showtimes and buy tickets at your favorite cinemas! Available in the United States only for now. More info.

Personalized TV and movie calendars

Never miss an episode of your favorite shows or a new movie in theaters. More info.

Catalog your entire TV show and movie collections

Know what you have available to watch at a glance. More info.

Personalized TV and movie recommendations

Get suggestions for new shows and movies you might like.

Track your TV show progress

Get a full overview of your watched and collected shows.


Never forget another show, episode, or movie you want to watch.

Personal lists

Get creative and create personal lists for any movies, shows, seasons, episodes and actors you want.

See what's trending in the community

Check out what's popular and being watched the most.

Featured lists

Jump into the Marvel Universe, track past Academy Awards winners, and other seasonal lists. Explore now.

Email notifications

Keep up with your profile's activity in real time.

Follow and discover friends

Follow other members, have them follow you, become friends.

Reviews & shouts

Spark and participate in discussions. You'll also get notified when users reply to your comments.

No spoilers

Avoid spoilers when browsing around the website. More info.

Push notifications

Instant alerts to your browser, Slack, Pushover, and Pushbullet. More info.

Real time sharing to your social networks

Share all your activities on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Medium. More info.