What is Trakt?

Trakt is a platform that does many things, but primarily keeps track of TV shows and movies you watch. It integrates with your media center or home theater PC to enable scrobbling, so everything is automatic. Some people like to check in from their phone, so we enable that too.

We also make it easy to find where to watch movies and TV shows on hundreds of streaming sources such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and iTunes. Check out our complete feature list.

Trakt is free to use and powers thousands of apps, most free to use! If you enjoy Trakt, please consider upgrading your account to VIP to help pay for servers and unlock some awesome VIP features like no ads, year in review, iCal feeds, advanced filtering, list cloning, and widgets. Stop reading and sign up now!

Meet the Team

Trakt is hand crafted in San Diego and the Bay Area.

Justin Nemeth

Co-founder / Developer

Sean Rudford

Co-founder / Developer

Jimmy Douglas

Co-founder / Advisor

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Trakt is a bootstrapped small business, directly funded by VIP memberships. Thousands of apps are powered by Trakt, most free to use! Your VIP membership pays for servers, hides ads, and unlocks some awesome VIP only features!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? So did a lot of other people.

We don’t stream any TV shows or movies to watch on Trakt. However, we make it easy to find where to watch TV & movies on hundreds of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and iTunes in 139 countries. Just click a Watch Now button or icon, choose your favorite service, and start watching. More info

Most media centers will also have streaming plugins that will scrobble what you’re watching to Trakt. However, these are configured in your media center, and not on Trakt. Please reach out to the plugin developers directly if you have any questions about them.

Media center plugins use what we call device authentication. This is used to link your Trakt account without needing to directly enter your username or password. This also allows you to sign in using your social account. Here are the general steps to connect your media center.

  1. Create a new Trakt account if you don't have one.
  2. Open the plugin settings and look for the authentication section. Instructions and an 8 digit code should be displayed.
  3. Visit https://trakt.tv/activate on your computer, phone, or tablet.
  4. Enter the 8 digit code displayed on your device. (If you're not signed in, it will ask you to do that first)
  5. Allow access to the media center plugin you're installing.
  6. Return to your media center and your Trakt account is now connected!

No code displayed on your device?
Please make sure you've installed the latest version of your media center plugin. They might be using an old authentication method that isn't supported anymore. In that case, please reach out directly to the plugin developer to get more specific info.

Connecting more devices?
You can connect as many devices as you'd like. Each device requires a unique code. Please follow the above steps for each media center you want to connect.

Specific Configuration Guides

We use TMDB for TV show information. It's free for anyone to sign up and edit info at TMDB.

  1. Make sure the TV show exists on TMDB with English information filled out.
  2. On the Trakt website, click the Import TV Show link in the footer.
  3. Type in the TMDB ID and click the Import button.

We use TMDB for all movie information. It's free for anyone to sign up and edit info at TMDB.

  1. Make sure the movie exists on TMDB with English information filled out.
  2. On the Trakt website, click the Import Movie link in the footer.
  3. Type in the TMDB ID and click the Import button.

This is by design. The watchlist is a special "I want to watch" list for you to remember to watch something. Once you watch it, it automatically gets removed. In the case of shows, once you watch 1 episode, the site knows about it and the show will continue showing up on your personal calendar and progress views. So, there is no need to keep it on the watchlist. If you need to keep something around, you can always make a personal list.

Comments can be posted as a quick shout or a more detailed review. All comments must be at least 5 words and anything over 200 words is automatically marked as a review. We reserve the right to remove any content that breaks these rules. Repeated violators will be banned from commenting.

Things you should do...
  • Be respectful, we all love different TV shows and movies!
  • It's ok to have different opinions and offer constructive criticism, but don't be mean or harrassing
  • All comments and replies must be at least 5 words
  • Only write comments in English
  • Mark spoilers that reveal important plot elements
  • Use markdown for formatting — cheat sheet
  • Use emoji :smiley:
Things you should not do...
  • Trolling, abuse, threats, and harassment will not be tolerated
  • Promote hate, violence or intolerance based on race, age, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation
  • Ask where to watch something or share links to copyrighted content — more info
  • Post spam or advertisments
  • Ask support related questions — use our support forums for that
  • Post the same comment multiple times — please check to make sure you haven't posted duplicate comments

A spoiler is a remark or piece of information which reveals important plot elements for a movie or TV show. When posting comments, it is a requirement to correctly mark if your shout or review contains spoilers so we don't spoil the item for a member who hasn't watched it yet. Some examples of a spoiler include discussing the ending of a movie or talking about a character who dies in a TV show. Correctly indicating spoilers is good for the Trakt community.

Spoilers can be indicated in 2 ways — by enabling the Spoiler Alert? button when posting your comment, or by wrapping your spoiler text with special tags like [spoiler]this is a spoiler[/spoiler] in the body of your comment.

We also have some handy settings to help you avoid spoilers when browsing the website. More info

You can hide TV shows in a few ways. On your calendar, click the Ø icon under any episode to hide the entire show from all your calendars. On your dashboard up next and progress page, click the Ø icon near the TV show title to hide the show in both places.

If you need to unhide a show, you can do that in your settings.

In order to correctly determine your watched or collected progress, all episodes need air dates. We use this date to know if the episode has actually aired or not. For currently airing shows, this ensures future episodes aren't counted. For shows that have ended, this helps so that unaired (for cancelled shows) or DVD only episodes aren't counted. You can add air dates on TVDB and Trakt will automatically sync up that night. Your progress will start calculating correctly after Trakt has the air dates.

Trakt allows you to follow other members of the community. If they follow you back, you are considered friends. To follow a user, navigate to their user profile page and click the Follow button. If the user has a public profile, you will be immediately following them. If they are private, they will need to approve your follow request.

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