Review by Andrew Bloom

Veep: Season 2

2x09 Running

[7.3/10] Perfectly solid episode. I enjoyed the aspect of Selina being high on the combination of St. John’s Wort and antidepressants. It reminded me of the episode of The Office where Dwight had a concussion and was suddenly nice and personable. There’s a lot of fun to be wrung from a normally jerky character suddenly being pleasant, and it was amusing to see Selina get all chummy with Gary and Mike.

There’s a lot of The Office’s DNA in Veep, with Amy and Dan as a funhouse mirror version of Jim and Pam, with Selina as their (more competent) Michael Scott and a collection of other oddballs in and around the workplace. But I’m not as into the sort of plotty machinations about whether the two of them will defect to Chung at this point. The same deal with the investigations of the President don’t do much for me either for the same reasons.

But Jonah is a continual highlight. His getting insulted like crazy by his two bosses, being given conflicting instructions, and utterly failing at taking charge of the “Selina walks through a glass door” situation was great comic stuff for such a pathetic character. Things stalled out a bit once the episode got to the run itself, but otherwise, solid stuff all around.

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