Review by Arius

Arrival 2016

I can't say much that hasn't already been said about this film but it was fantastic to see it unravel the way it did.

That being said i have one issue with the way it ended and that is the dick move from Louise to Ian. Why she didn't have the decency to tell Ian about it their child's impending illness until years later. It was his kid too. Either tell him from the start or don't tell him at all. Clearly he got mad and found out that she knew which means she told him at some time that she knew all along. Who does she think she is? A child is two people.

Also from another comment "Also, it can be considered selfish as she is viewing time differently; she is able to relive moments with her daughter when she pleases and experience the joy she brought her constantly. Ian will spend the rest of his life feeling the despair of his deceased child and unable to relive that joy." Exactly. Really bums me out but the movie wasn't bad.

Outside of that Amy Adams played an incredible lead in this film and hope she is able to continue getting the roles she deserves. During those flash scenes with her daughter it reminded me so much of my mother it hurt a bit, in a good way. I honestly want to know more but i understand a sequel would defeat the purpose of this film. It gives hope for humanity in some way but of course it would take an alien visit for any progress to happen haha.

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