Shout by Brendan White

Darkest Hour 2017

Gary Oldman is a tour de force as Winston Churchill capturing his mannerisms and characteristics to show that he truly deserves award nominations in the acting categories.

However, I personally feel like this is inferior to a similar WW2 film, Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. Darkest Hour manages to show you the actions of Churchill and his War Cabinet but (despite a few moments) does not show the consequences of these actions leading to less of a emotional weight, even the Tube scene felt a little forced to me.

The film is technically well done, using light and dark and even rain and sun to show the effects of war on the people with tracking shots being used to capture the grim atmosphere of 1940. Both cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel and composer Dario Marianelli deserve a mention, helping to set the world in a captivating way.

The film is an acting masterpiece (especially from Oldman) but it’s just a shame that other elements of the film couldn’t match the high-bar set by that.

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