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Shakugan no Shana 2005


Review by FroztySeven
2016-07-05T10:20:39Z— updated 2016-07-12T23:52:29Z

I had some difficulties building into the story at first since i didn't really understand what was actually going on and that kinda made me lose interest in watching it. But over the seasons, this anime just got better and better and i just fell more and more in love with it.
The main characters were really easy for me to like, both their personallities and the animations of espicielly fightiing scenes.
The characters are young and cute and by that, Shana has now turned out to be one of my most loved anime characters of all time.
This anime has slow romance and awkward moments within it, and i did feel like it needed more of that because it just wasn't enough.

If you are looking for an Action Adventure Fantacy Romance and cute moments between young characters then i would really recomment this anime. I had a blast while watching through the entire show, mainly because of the fantastic story. Right now i would just pray to get a 4th season.

This anime belongs to my heart. I will never forget the good moments i had while watching it.

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8.3 / 10   9.2 / 10   10 / 10 

Should i recommend the show?
YES. Abseloutly. If you want a well done story then this anime is top ninja

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