Shout by Keith Pangilinan

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 1

The debut season has what the website TV Tropes describes as "early installment weirdness." Specifically there's the original cast of Joel Hodgson (Joel Robinson), Trace Beaulieu (Crow; Dr. Forrester) Josh Weinstein (Tom Servo; Dr. Larry Erhardt), & Jim Mallon. I give this season a more modest rating than most of the subsequent seasons because of the raw, untested factors of the long-running series, from Gypsy having a more pet-like personality to Weinstein's presence only in this season (who did OK but seems easily replaceable by Frank Conniff & writer Kevin Murphy succeeding his Servo role) to a majority of black-&-white sci-fi & horror films screened & some mild riffs that accompany (or mild in comparison to the jokes during the Sci-Fi Channel era at the end of the series).

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