Review by Miles Kato

Ex Drummer 2007

Now, let me start out by saying that if you're a person that needs a trigger-warning before watching something then this is definitely not something you'd want to watch.

This movie is offensive to nearly every group imaginable. Even ones that I associate with myself. But I think it's important to understand the difference between ideas being promoted by a film, and ones being promoted by characters within the film. This movie's got some pretty scuzzy characters in it, but I don't think that it ever promotes them as being good people.

Now, the reason why I'm promoting this film is not because of any interpreted stance on social or political issues. It's because succeeds in doing its job at being entertaining and way over the top. It's got as much stylization as 'Trainspotting' with as much offensiveness as 'South Park'. Now, I'm not sure I would call this film better than either of those things, but it's certainly reminiscentof the two, and it's a blend that makes for quite an entertaining movie.

The main characters are members of a handicapped punk rock band, so if you like the music rock music, then you'll probably love the soundtrack to this movie. Any issues I have with the movie are fairly minor, and can mostly be attributed to subjective preferences over how a scene is delivered.

The movie has many unrealistic moments, but they're far from unintentional. I mean, when one of your characters' names is Big Dick and he's got a penis the size of my arm, it would be difficult for me to pretend as though this movie's trying to be completely serious.

Anyway, if it looks like it's up your alley, then go check it out.

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