Shout by oldarobot

Ghostbusters 2016

The film is good in the most and has a number of small laughs but nothing outstanding, the CGI really kicks up the fun and it's got a real feel good factor about the whole thing.

The Colours are so vivid and beautiful throughout all the CGI scenes and really add to the stunning look of the effects certainly in the first section of the main scene.

In particular I enjoyed the cameos, references and easter eggs.
It's great to see the firehouse included and of course the main cameo comes from Bill Murray who has more than just a small pop up in the movie. I have to say my favourite cameo did come from Dan Aykroyd in the Taxi as he says 'I ain't afraid of no ghost'.

I'll rewatch this one for sure and it could possibly be a reboot I approve of although not as great as the first it certainly has its merits, well worth a trip down to the cinema to check out

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