Review by Jim222001

Ghostbusters 2016

75% good reviews make Ghostbusters probably the most overrated film of the year. The movie just wasn't as memorable as the original. I think Ghostbusters got so many good reviews just to shut up people who said a Ghostbusters reboot starring only women was a bad idea. Or someone is in denial that it was better than it was.
I can't even say Ghostbusters proves what Paul Feig wanted it to. Sorry but I only laughed hard during any Chris Hemsworth secretary scene. Hell, I even can say my 13 year old niece just laughed hard during his scenes. Especially when he showed a picture of the 711 logo saying that should be the Ghostbusters logo, for instance. He was perfectly stupid and that worked at least.
Kristen Wiig is just playing the dopely dry humored character she always plays. She gets slimed many times but none of those scenes are as funny as when Bill Murray got slimed once in the original. Melissa McCarthy is just a brainy version of the feisty character she always plays. Kate McKinnon is trying something different at least rather than just phoning it in. I am not too sure what she was going for but it was kind of entertaining at least. While Leslie Jones is basically just loud.
The original was full of quick sharp dialogue. Paul Feig's Ghostbusters lacks that even. Since a lot of the dialogue is the characters blabbing back and forth with dragged on conversations and jokes. Rather than the cast taking turns with funny one liners like the original cast. These ladies seem to never let up with competing on who's funnier. None of the cameos of the original stars were even too memorable either.
Paul Feig at least showed us Chris Hemsworth is funny since he got all the best lines. Feig didn't write anything too great for the women to say. Yet, they're who the movie was supposed to show off the talents of. As for the CGI, it looked like it was stolen from Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed.” I think the villain might have fit in a Scooby Doo movie better as well.
When the villain makes the dude in the painting from Ghostbusters 2 look like a great villain, something is wrong. Spoiler Warning: Bill Murray as a Walter Peck like jerk who doesn't believe in ghosts is who had potential to make a good main villain. Unfortunately there wasn't enough Bill Murray.
The problem with films like Ghostbusters today is that it changes how we're used to characters being for 30 yrs. Sony especially pretty much says a lot "this is how a character is written now, deal with it." Forcing bad ideas on people will always cause controversy.

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