Shout by VanillaChief

UnREAL: Season 2

2x07 Ambush

I am sorry to all of you, who gave 10 hearts, but the first 26 minutes could be cut and i wouldn't miss them. UnReal set out to be a bitter, cynical satire of RealityTV but the first half of the episode was just mediocre romance blah. I could watch any other cable-tv-show and would find the same love triangle arc. What is this? Is the show (Everlasting) still important for the plot? I really liked the rivalry between Quinn and Rachel, i liked Chet as masculinity crazy nut, i liked coleman being the new boy wonder as someone Quinn and Rachel could oppose, i was even fine with grumpy ex-boyfriend, but this wasn't anything of it. I was so relieved, when things turned away from this arc back to the show in minute 26 (i know that because i wrote it down, because i was so happy). But the rest felt shorted, didn't had enough time to unfold. I really hope the new situation Rachel is in will help to reset the shows plotlines and take it a different direction.

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