Finally, Dutch back, even if only shortly, we'll see. Fet doesn't seem to be sad about her not being there. At least not visibly (as of yet). He's a great contrast to Dutch as how they were shown, how their live is now, apart from each other.
Pretty much my favourite parts of this episode. I'm so glad that Quenlin figures Eph right out as well.
The scenes of Zach and the mother must be the worst that I have ever seen. They are so incredibly cringeworthy and ridicolous. I can't stand watching those two "act". The note for her must be "don't make any faces, be like/mimic Max Charles (Zach)", she succeeds greatly but...yeah, y'know. After watching Stranger Things his acting seems even worse. I mean, the acting of all those kids had its issues at times but was overall great!

Consistency issues in this episode:
Setrakian now suddenly saying the sunlight works against the master. Remember in the first season finale when the master lied in the sun, ready to be beheaded by Setrakian? Who prefered to just stand there watching the master steaming and burning like any other ghoul thing. When the master used the time he was given for plot reasons to escape because this show got a second season order, then Setrakian raising his voice saying they (the humans) are doomed or something along those lines, losing any hope? Yep, complete 180 this episode.
Eichhorst pronouncing the Occido as "Oksido" while any other person says Occido correctly. They so don't even give an eph on this show. I must wonder as well, Eph being the alcoholic that he is turning into a picky drinker in the bar at Setrakian's? That felt strange.

All in all a fair episode, though. Mainly because of Dutch.

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