Shout by saundrew

Bill Cosby: Himself 1983

I've seen a bit of the good Cosby show, and parts of his horrible movies, but I'd never really sat down and watch much of his stand up. Clips on youtube of course, but not a whole set. Ultimately, it was ok.

I think he has a handful of really good sets, but I often feel like he drags them out for way too long. The joke starts to die once I've laughed once. Perhaps it is really good for the audience back in the 80s, but I've grown up able to switch to a new video at any minute.

As a movie, I do think it is produced well. You don't really see the audience, so it makes you feel more like you're there. The background color changes too, and sometimes seems planned to match the joke. It makes for a great background to those very up close shots of his weird face he likes to do.

Overall, I appreciate the mark this made on the stand up industry, but it isn't something I'm dying to revisit anytime soon. Worth a watch through, especially as a study on comedy style.

Also, Bill Cosby is an awful human being.

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