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The Night Of 2016

This show seems to be a copy of the first season of the show it's based on in the UK — "Criminal Justice" (2008):

My wife and I loved the BBC version. It had two seasons. We tried watching "The Night Of", but it was too similar (almost exactly the same) to the original that we stopped, because it was boring. We already knew what was going to happen. It's a shame HBO couldn't write a new story as if to be a third season of "Criminal Justice". I definitely recommend "Criminal Justice" over "The Night Of".

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@rwatt It literally says based on the BBC series "Criminal Justice" in the show description.

@samgr Right. We knew that the original was the basis for this one, but the new writers literally copied "Criminal Justice" season 1. We were just bummed out that it took the British version and "americanized it". Obviously, if you're a first viewer you'll like this version. If we had not seen the original, we would have liked this one too. I was just hoping for a new story.