Review by MovieP4nda

Suicide Club 2001

Very artsy film. The movie is a bit confusing, and at times (and on the whole) can seem to not make any sense. However, I feel as if this entire movie is a critique towards the 2001 era youth culture, easily impressionable and fueled in part by the internet which is on the rise in this movie.

The movie still feels relevant today, perhaps even more so, and it really makes you think now when we can look back on what has changed since then.

So, the movie has some great deeper meanings in my opinion, but also on the surface it's a great movie. It tries to be a bit of everything and I think it succeeds pretty well at most of what it tries. We have the crime aspect of it all which is pretty interesting, and we have the thriller aspects which keeps you on the toes throughout, we have some drama parts which works reasonably well, as well as some completely off the wall hilarious (and pitch black) japanese humor. And of course, also some really disturbing, grotesque, horror segments.

I'd recommend this movie to anyone not afraid to look beneath the surface of the story, and is looking for something a bit different.

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