Shout by moonkodi

Dead of Winter 1987

I did give previously give this a 3 and said it was boring. The problem was I was seeing things as clichés and yes there is (isolated house/no phone etc), and not listening the dialogue or following the characters. It's easy to overlook this movie especially if you watch a lot of horror. It's not a horror. It's light suspense.
It's not boring. It's eerie atmosphere and the characters wore with the setting to produce a good result. The story moves along nicely. Some of the snowy outdoor scenes look great. The house is eerie enough when it needs to be. The character of Julie is very innocent and seems weak and you really wonder how she'll cope once she realises things are not as they seem. The villains are good characters. The motives of the story could have been clearer at times. We have to believe in a story that accepts three identical looking people. The end was also a little predictable.
Not a bad effort. Felt like a book adaptation.

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