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SOTUS The Series 2016


Shout by weivibe
2016-09-22T06:15:27-07:00— updated 2016-10-15T08:09:44-07:00

SOTUS is a show for in-between when you're out of options and while it taunts with a well written plot summary it suffers from a terrible execution.
I personally don't mind but I am sure a lot of people will dislike the slow pace in episodes 1-5 and a general lack of direction.

BL(what I came for): You don't really get to feel the BL here, it's more like a story about immature seniors and one of their leaders bullying a mature-ish young freshman and his new friends and classmates — what should merely be one of many elements in the story line quickly becomes its main selling point.

I still harbor hope and would like to see things get moving in the second half of the season.

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