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Dead Snow 2009

If you enjoyed Braindead or Bad Taste, chances are you are going to like Dead Snow (if you dont mind subtitles), it is standard splatter style horror, with zombies.... nazi zombies... why the fuck are you still reading this.. GO GO!

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Dead Snow had a slow start but when it kicks off, it goes BONKERS. Loads of blood, death, gore, snow and intestines. These Zombie Nazis are dangerous if you have their gold. And those uniforms? Still in great condition!

However, this film has also one of the weirdest sex scenes I have ever seen in a horror film. That was just strange! CAN'T A MAN TAKE A SHIT WITHOUT BEING DISTURBED?!!!???!?!?

So yeah, it's a fun film and certainly worth a watch! Zombies, snow and blood! Yeah, they should've gone to the beach like Roy said!

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I laughed the most time. Brillant movie

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