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Good Luck Jerry 2022

this movie was lit. lighthearted comedy and a movie that doesn't take itself or the topic too seriously. nice watch. 9/10

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Silly, Messy, Mediocre

Good Luck Jerry is a lackluster, silly, and chaotic remake of Tamil hit Kolamaavu Kokila which starred Nayanthara. Siddharth Sen's film starts well with a set of promising new faces and gives a few giggles upfront but Jahnvi's stiff performance and a very mediocre execution of 2nd half make it a mess that was difficult to sit through. Deepak Dobriyal's antics may give some respite during the 118min run time but the film fails to please you with any of its high moments. The humor is average and does very little to its genre of dark comedy. The direction is pretty average and the climax is super rushed and completely messed up. Overall, Good Luck Cherry is a disappointing and monotonous remake with a brilliant ensemble cast and extremely poor direction.

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