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The Chronicles of Riddick 2004

  • David Twohy
  • June 11, 2004
  • 119 mins
  • English
  • Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller
All the power in the universe can't change destiny.
Five years after the events in sci-fi film Pitch Black, escaped convict Riddick finds himself caught in the middle of a galactic war waged by Lord Marshal, the leader of a sect called the Necromongers. Riddick is charged with stopping the Necromonger army, all while rescuing an old friend from a prison planet and evading capture by bounty hunters.


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Compared to "Pitch Black" this film features more Sci-Fi, better special effects and less horror elements. A worthy sequel and a very "cool", fast and fun watch.

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Likes it.

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It may well have seemed logical to expand the universe for the sequel to Pitch Black, but unfortunately the film can't quite decide whether to commit to full blown sci-fi epic, given the increase in budget, or stick with the B-movie sensibility of the initial film. It doesn't help that the epic elements are muddled at best with some rather dull humourless villains (with only Thandie Newton seeming to have any sort of fun), an enigmatic Judi Dench whose motives are never fully explained and the usual tropes of prophecy and history that only serve to undermine the antiheroic nature of Riddick. Fortunately, while this story frames the film, the B-movie plot line is much more fun, with Riddick being chased by mercenaries and a trip to a prison planet that take up much of the running time. There is a strong much shorter film in here that would have worked well with Pitch Black. As it stands, it remains flawed but watchable.

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