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The Rock 1996

  • Michael Bay
  • June 6, 1996
  • 136 mins
  • English
  • Action, Adventure, Thriller
Alcatraz. Only one man has ever broken out. Now five million lives depend on two men breaking in.
A group of renegade marine commandos seizes a stockpile of chemical weapons and takes over Alcatraz, with 81 tourists as hostages. Their leader demands $100 million to be paid, as restitution to families of Marines who died in covert ops. Otherwise, he will launch 15 rockets carrying deadly VX gas into the San Francisco Bay area.


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Easily Michael Bay's best movie.

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One of the absolute best of the big budget action romps from the 90s. Sean Connery makes a rather believable former SAS soldier, and Cage does a decent enough job as an FBI scientist of all things. Other good performances from Ed Harris, John Spencer, and Michael Biehn.

The Rock starts out fast and more than any other Michael Bay movie, never really lets you rest until the end. Highly recommended for an evening of just plain fun action entertainment.

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If you want to dissect the film traditions of the 1990s and discover everything wrong with the decade's collective attitude, two movies should meet your scalpel: Point Break, and The Rock.

But that doesn't mean they aren't a bit fun.

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