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Collection of Christmas movies featuring characters Kim and Theo.


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Movies, which are not about Christmas but rather happen at Christmas (at least in some significant part).


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A curated selection of holiday / christmas specific TV episodes and specials.

copied from Christmas Movies by MOVIST

The 50 best Christmas movies


Holiday-themed horror films or holiday horror are a subgenre of horror films set during holidays. Holiday horror films can be presented in short or long formats, and typically utilize common themes, images, and motifs from the holidays during which they are set, often as methods by which the villain may murder their victims.

This list focuses on such movies or segments of anthology movies that are set during christmas or feature christmas themes.

Last Update: 2023/10/04


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1: It's a Wonderful Life
2: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
3: A Christmas Story
4: White Christmas
5: Home Alone
6: Scrooged
7: Miracle on 34th St.
8: Bad Santa
9: The Muppet Christmas Carol
10: A Christmas Carol
11: The Nightmare Before Christmas
12: The Apartment
13: Elf
14: A Charlie Brown Christmas
15: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
16: Meet Me in St. Louis
17: The Best Man Holiday
18: Little Women
19: Eyes Wide Shut
20: Black Christmas
21: A Christmas Tale
22: The Shop Around the Corner
23: Gremlins
24: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
25: While You Were Sleeping
26: Die Hard
27: A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas
28: How the Grinch Stole Christmas
29: The Polar Express
30: Carol
31: The Santa Clause
32: Edward Scissorhands
33: It Happened on Fifth Avenue
34: Silent Night, Deadly Night
35: Metropolitan
36: The Family Stone
37: Deck the Halls
38: A Very Murray Christmas
39: Happiest Season
40: Mixed Nuts
41: Prancer
42: Jingle All the Way
43: Love Actually
44: The Holiday
45: Anna and the Apocalypse
46: Happy Christmas
47: Just Friends
48: Batman Returns
49: Four Christmases
50: Jack Frost
51: The Night Before
52: Office Christmas Party
53: White Reindeer
54: Last Holiday
55: One Magic Christmas
56: A Christmas Prince
57: The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show
58: Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town
59: The Snowman
60: The Princess Switch and The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again


Films de Noël - Christmas movies


The film almanac consists of three comedies: "Our dad mayonnaise", "Sentence" and the most famous - "Neptune's Holiday".


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