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Basilisk: Season 2

Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls 2018

  • 2018-01-08T15:00:00Z on AT-X
  • 24m
  • 9h 36m (24 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Action, Adventure, Anime, War, Fantasy, Science Fiction
The battle for succession that continued for three generations of shogun in the Keichou era culminated in a gruesome battle of ninja arts between the Kouga and Iga clans. Amidst a rain of flower petals, a man and woman who had decided to live for love were separated once again. As ninjas begin to disappear into the shadows after being deemed unnecessary, The Kouga and Iga clans ask a favor of Hachirou and Hibiki in hopes of reinforcing their foundations.

24 episodes

Season Premiere


2x01 (25) The Cherry Blossoms Have Fallen

Season Premiere

2x01 (25) The Cherry Blossoms Have Fallen

  • 2018-01-08T15:00:00Z24m

A decade after the destruction of the Kouga and Iga ninja clans, only two survivors remain in a hidden village. But fate isn't done with the ninjas yet...

Hachirou wants to leave the ninja village and start a new life. He and Hibiki are destined never to be together, and he's terrified of their powers. But the war between the Kouga and Iga may not yet be over...


2x03 (27) The Kouga Must Die

2x03 (27) The Kouga Must Die

  • 2018-01-22T15:00:00Z24m

A dark force descends upon the Five Treasures as they are attacked by a mysterious ninja... or is he a ninja at all?

The slaughter of the Iga and Kouga continues as the Joujinshuu cut a swath through the Five Flowers. Who are they, and what do they want?

The Joujinshuu continue to cut a swath through the ninja, and Hachirou himself is forced to join the fray.

Many years have passed. The surviving ninjas are in hiding, and Hachirou has disappeared. The Joujinshuu have yet to return, but can these days of relative peace last forever?

As the black castle towers in the forest near the tea stand, Hachirou is called to meet Tadanaga, where he learns the truth about Tadanaga's thoughts during the incident four years ago.


2x08 (32) The Advent of Joujin

The ninjas prepare to storm Murakumo as Hachirou escapes from Suruga's carefully-laid traps.


2x09 (33) The Butterfly Dances

Hachirou is determined to slay Joujin and his Joujinshuu, but Joujin has deeper plans for the Lord of Suruga than he'd thought.

The local daimyo stages an attack on the Joujinshuu's Murakumo castle. As their massive army is annihilated by the Murakumo's cannons, Tenkai realizes only ninjas can destroy the castle...


2x11 (35) Like a Rhinoceros

2x11 (35) Like a Rhinoceros

  • 2018-03-19T15:00:00Z24m

As the ninjas prepare for an assault on the castle, Shikibu's armor breaks. Gorone attempts to repair it, but he's vulnerable when he's not wearing it. Then an enemy attacks, and separates him from the group...

The assault on the Murakumo castle has begun, and the first task is to draw away the troops surrounding it. Rui and Shichigen attempt an assault, but the enemy has prepared for their techniques...

The assault on Murakumo continues as Utsutsu's terrible past, and the origin of her techniques, is revealed.

Hadaebou infiltrates Murakumo castle, where he attempts to kill the Lord of Suruga. Joujin tries to get Hachirou and Hibiki to join forces with him.

The Murakumo castle has vanished without a trace, and it seems as if the Joujinshuu have disappeared. The ninjas return to their normal lives, but is everything really over?

Murakumo is back! Now the castle is on wheels and it's slowly heading towards Edo. The ninjas try to break in as Hachirou attempts to flee.

Tenkai's servant infiltrates Murakumo Castle with a mission: to bring Tadanaga back or to kill him if he refuses to leave.

Hadaebou's attempt to retrieve Tadanaga from Mukakumo Castle does not go as planned. Hachirou appears before the gathered ninjas of Kouga and Iga, faced with an enemy he cannot defeat alone.

Hachirou enters the castle at last, as Saizou falls victim to Yasha Itaru's Destiny's Passage.

Saizou is dead, but his sacrifice has allowed the ninjas to proceed into Murakumo at last. But even greater threats await them inside.

The ninjas make their way up Murakumo castle, but they're stopped by Neirichiou. He's still alive, and he wants them dead.


2x22 (46) The Demon Revives

2x22 (46) The Demon Revives

  • 2018-06-04T15:00:00Z24m

Kujaku's secret is revealed as Joujin meets a grisly end, and the Demon King Nobunaga revives.

Nobunaga revives, only to quickly die again. Then Hibiki and Hachirou are trapped in a bizarre space created by the Joujinshuu's techniques. When they escape, they find themselves in a parallel world.

In a parallel world, Hibiki and Hachirou face off with the Joujinshuu one final time. The Joujinshuu are caught off guard and overwhelmed, but Joujin still has a final trick up his sleeve: a deep connection to a powerful, hidden ninja.