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Birds of a Feather

Season 2 1990

  • 1990-09-06T22:30:00+03:00 on ITV
  • 30 mins
  • 8 hours, 0 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Comedy

Sharon (Pauline Quirke) lives in a council flat, while her sister Tracey (Linda Robson) lives in a luxurious house on a private estate. The two women lead very different lives until their husbands are sent to prison for armed robbery. Sharon moves in with Tracey to keep her company and to help pay the bills. They quickly become close friends with their neighbour Dorien (Lesley Joseph), whose chief interest in life is chasing after much younger men.

16 episodes

2x01 Getting a Grip

  • Season Premiere

    1990-09-06T22:30:00+03:00 — 30 mins

With their husbands still in prison, Sharon and Tracey turn to their man-hungry neighbour Dorien for help when their central heating breaks down.

2x02 Sweet Smell of Success

  • 1990-09-13T22:30:00+03:00 — 30 mins

The bills are coming in thick and fast, and in an effort to raise some cash, Tracey wonders about selling Darryl's old car. Meanwhile, Sharon becomes a saleswoman, determined to flog hundreds of bottles of ""Heaven Scent.""

2x03 Young Guns

  • 1990-09-20T22:30:00+03:00 — 30 mins

The Essex sisters go green in an effort to save the rainforests, but Tracey becomes distracted and increasingly concerned about her son Garth's sexual inclinations when he brings home a handsome older boy from boarding school.

2x04 Muesli

  • 1990-09-27T22:30:00+03:00 — 30 mins

Tracey decides to experience Darryl's ordeal behind bars by creating her own prison in the attic, with Sharon as her cellmate.

2x05 Keep off the Grass

  • 1990-10-04T22:30:00+03:00 — 30 mins

Sharon and Tracey witness a friend of their husbands', Vinny Hutchins, making a speedy getaway from a post office raid in which a pensioner has been injured. While Tracey wants to turn him in, Sharon vehemently disagrees as it's against criminal ethics. After visiting Darryl and Chris, they change their minds. When Dorien is round, they see an appeal on 'Crime Busters' and Dorien recognises Vinny. Sharon and Tracey, after hearing about the reward money, decide to tell the police but Dorien rings first, and uses the money to buy a kitchen from her toyboy Luke, who has been threatened with a move to Northern England unless he sells more kitchens. Tracey, however, blackmails Dorien to give her the kitchen so Vinny's wife can sell it to fund a new life abroad.

2x06 Mice

  • 1990-10-11T22:30:00+03:00 — 30 mins

Tracey's plan to hold a perfume-selling party hits a major snag when Sharon discovers some furry gate-crashers.

2x07 Brief Encounter

  • 1990-10-18T22:30:00+03:00 — 30 mins

A beautiful friendship begins for Sharon when she sees off a mugger who is attacking a businessman in Chigwell railway station. A chance encounter later in the evening reveals he is, in fact, Dorien's husband's financial adviser.

2x08 You Pays Yer Money

  • 1990-10-25T22:30:00+03:00 — 30 mins

Sharon isn't registered to vote in Chigwell, but when election fever hits the constituency, she wants to make use of Darryl's vote. Since Tracey insists she pay for the privilege, she sets about raising the readies.

2x09 Trust

  • 1990-11-01T23:30:00+03:00 — 30 mins

Tracey kicks smoking with the help of weekly psychotherapy sessions, realising that her nicotine addiction was due to her husband Darryl. But can Darryl trust her with the handsome shrink Gerald?

2x10 Thirty Something

  • 1990-11-08T23:30:00+03:00 — 30 mins

Sharon is approaching her 30th birthday but is unable to see a bright future ahead of her—merely one which matches up to her past. Tracey would like to throw a party for her, but has problems with the guest list when she realises that their successful friends with families will only remind Sharon of ""all the things she hasn't got.""

2x11 Love on the Run

  • 1990-11-15T23:30:00+03:00 — 30 mins

Darryl has been taken to hospital with appendicitis, and plans to escape and spend the night with his wife. Meanwhile, Sharon sees this as an opportunity to do some entertaining of her own.

2x12 Old Friends

  • 1990-11-22T23:30:00+03:00 — 30 mins

Sharon fears that blood is truly thicker than water.

2x13 Parting

  • 1990-11-29T23:30:00+03:00 — 30 mins

Sharon is faced with an impossible choice when her husband Chris tells her he is seriously ill.

2x14 Jobs for the Girls

  • 1990-12-06T23:30:00+03:00 — 30 mins

Sharon and Tracey want spending money for Christmas, so start looking for extra work. Sharon is confident that the people of Chigwell will be crying out for her pet care services, while Tracey starts doing a spot of typing from home.

2x15 Someone Else's Baby

  • 1990-12-13T23:30:00+03:00 — 30 mins

Inspired by Dorien taking her antique silver samovar to the Chigwell Antiques Roadshow, Sharon and Tracey decide to search through their mother's belongings for their own undiscovered treasure. Unfortunately, their search yields more than they could ever have bargained for. Perhaps Aunt Sylvie can shed some light?

2x16 Falling in Love Again

  • 1990-12-25T23:30:00+03:00 — 30 mins

Sharon is about to go on the dating show, Second Time Lucky, and wins, so she visits Chris to discuss their divorce. But when Chris asks her for her help to pay off a gang who Chris indebted to, she must choose to go to Germany for her prize in order to bring back a German car that belonged to Chris. Tracy accompanies her to Berlin, where she helps find a mechanic who can fix up the car. Trouble is, Tracy takes a shine to the mechanic. Meanwhile, Dorien is told by Sharon that she saw Marcus at the airport with another woman, so Dor moves out... right into next door.