Blunt Talk

Season 1 2015

  • 2015-08-23T00:30:00Z on Starz
  • 23m
  • 5h 12m (10 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy
A British newscaster moves to Los Angeles with his alcoholic manservant and the baggage of several failed marriages to host a sanctimonious talk show.

10 episodes

Series Premiere


1x01 I Seem to Be Running Out of Dreams for Myself

An opinionated British broadcaster in Los Angeles has a drunken escapade which lands him in jail, leaving him scrambling to save his cable news show from cancellation.

Walter blows a chance to cover a storm that could give his career a shot in the arm, so his staff formulates a backup plan, while Harry considers making a big sacrifice to save Walter's career.

The court orders Walter to attend AA meetings while his staff entertain themselves in peculiar ways during the weekend.

Walter's attempt to be a better father to his youngest son takes a hit when news comes that his former wife is dating a rock star.


1x05 The Queen of Hearts

1x05 The Queen of Hearts

  • 2015-09-20T00:30:00Z32m

A friendly poker game gets out of hand, forcing Rosalie to book a controversial guest whom Walter despises. Celia picks up a bad habit.


1x06 Goodnight, My Someone

When Walter's estranged son returns to LA for a boxing match, Walter aims to make peace with him. Celia gets pulled into family drama.

Walter joins Rosalie on a mission to find her missing husband. Meanwhile, Jim must step into Walter's shoes.

Celia makes a blunder that unfavorably thrusts Walter back into the public eye.


1x09 I Brought a Petting Goat

Walter throws an epic party to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of the end of the Falklands War.

Walter visits an unconventional specialist and then bumps a volatile guest with disastrous results.