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BoJack Horseman: Season 2

2x01 Brand New Couch

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Episódios de séries que eu assisti em 2017.


TOTAL - 1011 episodes watched in 2019
JAN - 101 episodes watched (1 to 101)
FEB - 59 episodes watched (102 to 160)
MAR - 59 episodes watched (161 to 219)
APR - 69 episodes watched (220 to 288)
MAY - 65 episodes watched (289 to 353)
JUN - 57 episodes watched (354 to 410)
JUL - 115 episodes watched (411 to 525)
AUG - 52 episodes watched (526 to 577)
SEP - 32 episodes watched (578 to 609)
OCT - 212 episodes watched (610 to 821 | The Office complete series)
NOV - 136 episodes watched (822 to 957)
DEC - 54 episodes watched (958 to 1011)


December 2020 : - Episodes

Seasons :
A Teacher S1
Modern Family S1
How I Met Your Mother S1
The Office S1
Cobra Kai S1
Cobra Kai S2
Emily in Paris S1
The Boys S2
The Walking Dead: World Beyond S1
The Haunting of Bly Manor
The Umbrella Academy S2
Lucifer S1
Lovecraft Country S1
Emily in Paris S1
The Big Bang Theory S9
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia S1
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia S2
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia S3
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia S4
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia S5
The Expanse S1
The Expanse S2
The Expanse S3
The Expanse S4
Harley Quinn S1
Ozark S1
Ozark S2
Ozark S3
Dark S1
Dark S2
Narcos S1
Narcos S2
Narcos S3
Fear The Walking Dead S5
Peaky Blinders S1
Peaky Blinders S2
Peaky Blinders S3
Dexter S1
13 Reasons Why S3
13 Reasons Why S4
Dead to Me S2
On My Block S3
Stargirl S1
Altered Carbon S1
Lost in Space S1
Locke & Key S1
Swamp Thing S1
Doom Patrol S2
Snowpiercer S1
Sons of Anarchy S7
You S2
Good Omens S1
Westworld S3
Kingdom S2
Space Force S1
I Am Not Okay with This S1
Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness S1
Extracurricular S1
The Naked Director S1
Sex Education S1
Sex Education S2
Mindhunter S1
Money Heist P3
Money Heist P4
Atypical S1
Atypical S2
Atypical S3
Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer S1
BoJack Horseman S2
Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy S1
Steins;Gate S1
Gleipnir S1
Tower of God S1
Fate/Stay Night
Gantz S1
Gantz S2
Haikyu!! S1
Inuyashiki: Last Hero S1
Gurren Lagann S1


All episodes I saw in 2020.

Rewatched Episodes: 62 (Spartacus S1x13, Community S1, Dark S1+S2, Fargo S1, The Boys S1)


All of the TV show episodes I've watched in 2020

January: 42 episodes, 20 hours, 48 minutes
February: 89 episodes, 1 day, 16 hours, 48 minutes
March: 21 episodes, 9 hours, 39 minutes
April: 84 episodes, 2 days, 35 minutes
May: 59 episodes, 1 day, 7 hours, 18 minutes
June: #episodes, #days, #hours, #minutes
July: #episodes, #days, #hours, #minutes
August: #episodes, #days, #hours, #minutes
September: #episodes, #days, #hours, #minutes
October: #episodes, #days, #hours, #minutes
November: #episodes, #days, #hours, #minutes
December: #episodes, #days, #hours, #minutes

Episodes/day: 2.07
Minutes/day: 62.59

Favourite shows I watched this year:
• Avatar: The Last Airbender
• Bojack Horseman
• On My Block
• Top Boy
• The Circle
• Queen Sono

[Description will be updated as the year progresses]

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